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Aaron Massey
Ponduck Pictures
Gender Male
First Appearance Behind the Seeds

Aaron Massey is a voice actor in the Annoying Orange series. Most of the characters played by Aaron Massey are always smiling. His YouTube account is Podunk Pictures.

He has also written a few episodes in the Annoying Orange series.

Characters portrayed

Paprika Wasssabi
Red Delicious and Golden Delicious Teenage Mutant Ninja Apples...
Plum Annoying Orange: Theme Song Attack!
Apple The Amnesiac Orange
Radish Annoying Orange: Food Court...
Troll Annoying Orange: Trollin' and Annoying Orange: Previously On
Robo-Apple and The Apples Annoying Orange: Microwave Effect
Truffle Party Rock
Annoying Orange: Theme Song Attack! Annoying Orange: Equals Annoying Orange
Lime (Season 4) Annoying Orange: He Will Mock You

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