Alphabet Soup
Screen shot 2011-09-25 at 10.43.32 AM
Gender Male
Played by Greg Benson
Death Crushed by faulty roof (revived), died in explosion
First Appearance Souper Dooper

Alphabet Soup, or simply just Soup, was a character that appeared in Souper Dooper. Soup was being annoyed by Orange, who was pestering him by constantly getting him to create words with his letters, and calling him things he wasn't, such as thoop, moop, an acrobat hoop, halibut poop, and a faulty roof. Orange eventually annoyed Soup to the point where he began getting extremely angry and began boiling uncontrollably. Towards the end of the episode, he was crushed by fragments of the kitchen's faulty roof. He later appeared in "2 BILLION VIEWS!" thanking the viewers.


  • He is the third character to fall asleep, first was Grandpa Lemon, second was Orange.
  • When he sleeps he creates Z's in soup bubbles with his letters to indicate that he is asleep.
  • When he is angry he will either create the onomotapeia "GRR" with his letters or boil to indicate he is angry.

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