Orange: [snickering]

Hey, who cut the cheese? [laughs]

Cheese: You say that one more time,

and I swear I'm gonna hurt you!

Orange: You know what they say: two's company,

"cheese" a crowd. [laughs]

Cheese: [fake laugh] Shut it!

Orange: Hey, hey, what do you call cheese that isn't yours?

Cheese: Look, I'm not playing your game, okay?

Orange: "Notcho" cheese. [laughs]

Cheese: Who told you puns are funny? 'Cause they're not!

Orange: Oh, ow, my head hurts.

Cheese: Good.

Orange: Yeah, I just don't feel very "Gouda."


Cheese: [groans]

Orange: Get it? Gouda.

Cheese: I hate you and I hate your stupid puns!

Orange: How about a little bit more cheese with your wine? [laughs]

Cheese: That's it! I'm not listening to anymore puns!

Orange: Hey, hey Cheese.

Cheese: No!

Orange: Hey!

Cheese: No!

Orange: Hey, Cheese.

Cheese: Not listening, lalalalalalalala...

Orange: Oh, it's time to sing? Okay.


-(both) Lalalalalalalalalala...

-(Orange) Lalalalalala...

Cheese: Oh, stop! Stop!

Orange: [laughing]

Oh, that was fun. Let's do it again!

Cheese: No, let's not do it again. Ever!

Orange: "Cheez," don't get angry.

You're turning into a "muenster." [laughs]

Cheese: Oh, I can't take it!

Someone end this right now.

I can't take anymore stupid puns!

Yes! I am so out of here!

Orange: Uh-oh, where you going, Cheese?

Cheese: Yes! Ow-oww!

Orange: Ooh!

Cheese: Ah, thank you! End my misery.

No more puns.

No more pu-ahh...

Orange: That looks really "degrating."

[laughs] Ow!

Cheese: I regret nothing!

[laughs maniacally] Nothing!

Orange: [laughs]

Hey, Cheese. Hey, Cheese.

Are you feeling any "cheddar"? [laughing]

Cheese: Noooo!!!

Orange: You really get a-round. [laughs]

Cheese: [tortured whimpers]

Captioned by SpongeSebastian

Fruity Question of the Day

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Tobuscus as Cheese

Orange as Himself

Created By

Dane Boedigheimer


Spencer Grove

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