The orange sits down babbling. The pear asks orange how is it going? The pear thinks the orange doesnt look too good. So orange says hey pear and the pear answers what is it. The orange vomits and the pear thinks it is gross. The orange tells pear that he doesn't feel good so pear has to take over. So pear says sure! So pear becomes annoying. So he says hey turnip, hey. So the turnip says whats up to pear. He answers I am glad you could turn up (Pear laughs) Pear told turnip it is a joke. So turnip tells pear that he is a late blooming vegetable. He's ready when he's ready. He shouts I am not running on your schedule or anyone elses. So the pear says he is sorry. The orange tells pear he is bombing. The pear thinks he has never done this before. The orange thought of an idea to call him something he's not that always works for orange. Pear says hey turnip and he answers he is not talking to pear. The pear replies that he is a Fat Radish which causes Turnip to cry. Turnip asks why he is doing it to him. Pear was surprised why turnip was crying so Passion Fruit asks whats going on here so orange says Pear made turnip cry. The pear said it was not like that. Turnip cried 'He called me fat' So Passion fruit asks 'Pear whats wrong with you' Pear answers orange told me to do it. Passion asks is that all to say for yourself. Pear thought what will I say now. Orange says he usually makes funny noises so pear decides to do this, Owrr! Owrr! Turnip thought is that supposed to be me when I am fat and i am always eaten. Passion thought Pear was trying to cheer turnip up. Turnip kept crying and said 'You're a monster!' Orange says the sound is like 'nya nya nya nya' and everybody laughs at orange. Orange again vomits and everyone finds it disgusting. Passion decided that they should call it a night. Pear decides I second that. Turnip says OK. Orange says Hey Fat Radish. Turnip says I am not a fat radish! Orange actually said it to the real fat radish. Fat radish gets cut.

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