(Orange sticks out his tongue and babbles halfheartedly, then stops and begins to groan)

Pear: Uh... How's it going, Orange?

Orange: Oh, you know. I am......oh...

Pear: Dude, you don't look too good.

Orange: Oh. Hey. Hey, Pear.

Pear: Yeah? What is it, Orange?

(Orange vomits)

Pear: Agh!

Orange: Oh!

Pear: Gross!

Orange: Well I don't feel so good, Pear. You're gonna have to take over.

Pear: Sure, no pro- wait, 'what?!'

(The word "Pear" hits and replaces the word "Orange" and the word "Orange" flies with a crash that sounds as or like a broken windows/glass on the screen)

Pear: Uh... Hey, hey, Turnip. Hey, Turnip, hey!

Turnip: Hey, what's up, Pear?

Pear: Yeah, it's just that I'm glad you could uh...turn up. (chuckles)

Turnip: What?

Pear: You know, turn up. Ha ha.

Turnip: What are you getting at, man?

Pear: Nothing, it's just a joke. know, turn up.

Turnip: W-what are you talking about? You think I'm late?

Pear: No, it's just...

Turnip: I'm a late-blooming vegetable, all right? I'm ready when I'm ready!

Pear: Okay, okay, okay.

Turnip: I'm not running on your schedule or anyone else's, you hear me?!

Pear: Okay. I'm sorry.

Orange: You're bombing, Pear.

Pear: Look, I've never done this before.

Orange: Just call him something he's not. That always works for me.

Pear: All right. Hey, hey, Turnip.

Turnip: I'm not talking to you.

Pear: Good, 'cause you're just a fat radish. (chuckles)

(Turnip frowns)

Pear: Get it? Fat radish? (chuckles)

(Turnip cries)

Pear: Whoa, whoa, whoa, Turnip! Dude!

Turnip: (while crying) Why are you doing this to me?

Orange: Way to go, Pear.

Pear: Geez, I didn't know he was going to cry!

Passion Fruit: Oh my God, what's going on here?

Orange: Pear made Turnip cry.

Pear: No, it's not like that!

Crying Turnip: He called me fat!

Passion Fruit: (angered) Pear, what's wrong with you?!

Pear: No- It was Orange's fault, he made me do it!

Orange: (to Pear) Hey, keep it down, I'm having a sick day over here!

Passion Fruit: Is that all you have to say for yourself, Pear?

Pear: (sighs) Dude, you got to help me get out of this. What do I say now?

Orange: I don't know. I just usually make funny noises. Everyone loves that.

Pear: All right. Hey, hey, Turnip, hey.

Turnip: What do you want now?

Pear: Hey, I bet you can't do this. (improperly babbles)

Turnip: What? Is that supposed to be me? 'Cause I'm fat, right? Cause I'm always eatin'?

Passion Fruit: No, Pear's just trying to, you know, cheer you up. Right, Pear?

(Pear improperly babbles)

Turnip: (cries again) You're a monsteeeeeeeer!

Passion Fruit: (angered) Pear!

Pear: I'm sorry!

Orange: No, Pear, you're doing it all wrong. More like this. (babbles)

(Everyone laughs and Orange vomits again)

Pear and Passion Fruit: Ew!

Orange: Ugh! I don't remember eating that!

Passion: Look, why not we just call it a night, huh guys?

Pear: Yeah, I second that.

Turnip: (sniffs) Okay.

Orange: Oh, hey, hey, Fat Radish!

Passion Fruit: (angered) Orange!

Turnip: (cries once again) I'm not a fat radish!

Orange: No, not you. Fat Radish!

(screen turns to Fat Radish, who is seen drinking)

Fat Radish: What's up with you, Orange?

Orange: Knife!

Fat Radish: (screams as he is stabbed)


iJustine as Passion Fruit

Richard Ryan as Turnip

Created by Daneboe

Written by Spencer Grove

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