Orange: (reads the card) For a friend you're quite a fine, hope you'd be my valentine...? (stops reading) Hey, I'm not a fine!

Midget Apple: Ah, don't be so modest. Happy Valentines Day, Orange!

Orange: Yay! Now read mine!

Midget Apple: (reads the card) Hey little apple, I bet it must be hard, reading a letter, when you're smaller than a card... (stops reading) Em... thanks Orange.

Orange: You're welcome! Hey, read yours Pear!

Pear : (reads the card) Sometimes you're like an apple, sometimes you're like a pear, either way it goes, you still don't have any hair...

Orange: (laughs) You're a chrome dome! (laughs again)

Pear: Is that your idea for valentine?

Orange: Yeah! All right, Marshmallow's turn!

Marshmallow: Okay.(reads the card) Hey fluffy face, you're made of sugar, so how come when you sneeze, you still blow out boogers? (laughs) You're tickling me with words!

Pear: Orange, you're doing it wrong! Do you even understand what this date means?

Orange: Dah, its the day you write your feelings on a heart-shaped card.

Midget Apple: Yeah, good feelings. Stuff like, thanks for being my friend and not always calling me a...

Orange: A midget? (laughs)

Midget Apple: Urgh!

Orange: See I know all about Valentine's Day! And now we’re going to light off fireworks until the "easter monkey" lays his eggs! (laughs)

Marshmallow: Yay!

Pear: No, No! That’s not even, wow! I don’t even know where to start!

Orange: With a Valentine, geez, someone is slow today.

Midget Apple: Hey Orange, let's try this. See Passion over there?

Passion Fruit: Hi, Orange.

Orange: Whoa! Hey, hey Passion!

Midget Apple: Remember it's Valentine's Day! Try to say something nice.

Orange: Umm, hey Passion!

Passion Fruit: Yes, Orange?

Orange: Roses are red, violets are blue, you look like an angel...

Passion Fruit: Yes?

Orange: ...that belongs in the zoo! (laughs)

(Passion spears Orange with a arrow)

Orange: Oww!

Passion Fruit: That’s for making fun of my costume.

Orange: Aww, she really knows how to make a point! (laughs)

Pear: Well maybe if you’d say something nice.

Orange: What it's better than what I was gonna say!

Midget Apple: What’s that?

Orange: Hey, you, dress like Cupid, don’t you know you look so stupid? (Passion spears Orange with a arrow again when Orange laughs) Oww!

Passion Fruit: I’m not deaf, you know!

Orange: That’s it, I quit! I’m not even going to wait for the groundhog to see my shadow!

Pear: What?

Midget Apple: Ugh?

Marshmallow: Yay! I love groundhogs!

Pear: Um, look you just need practice! Why don’t you talk to that grape over there?

Grape: Hi, hi Orange.

Orange: Nah, she looks like a little winer! (laughs)

Pear: No, Orange! Just say something nice to her! No puns! No jokes! And keep it clean!

Orange: Ah, okay! You can do this Orange, say something nice!

Orange: Um, um, hey.

Grape: What? What is it, Orange?

Orange: Happy Valentines Day!...Knife!

(Knife slices Grape)

Pear: Whoa!

Knife: Hey, thanks Orange! Oh crap, I did it again!...

(the camera zooms out and Knife sees he killed Grape)

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