• This is the first, and thus far only time you see Passion Fruit dressed as an angel.
  • Under Passion Fruit's right wing, a Mustachio is seen right on 2:55.
  • This is one of the videos where Midget Apple doesn't say 'It's Little Apple!'
  • This is the first video where Knife appeared as a character in the same video Passion Fruit appears.
  • Orange has bloodshot eyes, but instead of a regular red bloodshot, they are orange.
  • This is the first time Orange calls Midget Apple "Little Apple".
  • This is the first Valentine's Day episode of the Annoying Orange.
  • This is the second sitcom. The first is The Sitcom.
  • This is the first time blood came out of Orange, even though he didn't die and it was a little bit.
  • Passion demonstrates her anger, by shooting Orange with arrows three times, twice during the episode and the last time during the annotation-link credits.
  • This is the first time where there is a non-downloadable special.
  • This is the 3rd time Knife appears as a character.
  • Orange's valentine to Marshmallow said that when Marshmallow sneezes, he blows out boogers, but Marshmallow sneezes glitter, as seen in Sneezing Marshmallow and The Amnesiac Orange.

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