Midget Apple, as Orange: Guess what, TOE-MAY-TOE!

Tomato: What, what is it?

Midget Apple: You're a vegetable again!

Tomato: Do you really mean it?

Midget Apple: Yeah! They just announced it on the news! You're not a fruit anymore!

Tomato: That's, that's... Oh my god! I'm a vegetable again! I knew this would happen! This is the greatest day of my life!

Midget Apple: Hey, hey TOE-MAY-TOE!

Tomato: Yes, Orange?

Midget Apple: APRIL FOOLS! You're still a fruit. (laughs)

Tomato: Wha-? You- you jerk! You can't just prank people like that!

Midget Apple: Sure you can. Everyone's doing it.

Grapefruit, as Midget Apple: Hey Pear, get a whiff of my new flower!

Marshmallow, as Pear: (sniffs twice) What? I don't smell anything.

(water sprays in Marshmallow's mouth)

(Grapefruit laughs)

Marshmallow: Whoa!

Grapefruit: Happy April Fools' Day! (laughs)

Pear, as Marshmallow: Easy guys. you better watch it.

Midget Apple: I think you mean WASH it. (laughs)

Marshmallow: HAHA! That felt like rain, and rain makes me think of rainbows.

Grapefruit: Um, okay.

Pear: HAHAHA! That Pear! He's so crazy. (giggles)

Midget Apple: Hey. Do you guys here something?

Grapefruit: Hear what?

Tomato: What is it?

Midget Apple: Shhhhhhhhhhh! Listen.

(Marshmallow is on top of a whoopee cushion)

Marshmallow (laughs)

Orange: (laughs) It's coming from Pear's airy air! (laughs)

Marshmallow: I'm sitting on a clown! Yaaaaaaay!

Pear: Hey, shut up, dude.

Grapefruit: Hey, what's going on with you two?

Midget Apple: Yeah. You guys are acting kinda weird.

Pear: Weird? We're not weird. I still love horses, um, with hats that uh, thay can fly, and uh, and bunnies! Oh, yeah, bunnies! Ya gotta love the bunnies! (giggles)

Marshmallow: I'm warmer then a hot fudge sundae with a cherry on top. Yaaaaaaaaaaaaay!

Midget Apple: Hey, you don't sound like Pear. You sound like...

(Pear turns out to be Marshmallow in a costume. Costume unzippers.)

Marshmallow: Yaaaaaaaaaaaay!

Midget Apple: Marshmallow!

Grapefruit: But if he's Marshmallow, then who's that?

(Other Marshmallow turns out to be Pear in a costume. Costume unzippers.)

Pear: Thanks a lot, Marshmallow.

Midget Apple: Whoa!

Marshmallow: What? I was melting in there.

Pear: Yeah? Well, you should try getting into THIS outfit.

Midget Apple: (laughs) Yeah. He didn't have any room to "pear". (laughs)

Grapefruit: Nice try, blamos! (laughs) Uh-oh!

Midget Apple: What's going on?

(Midget Apple cracks open revealing to be Grapefruit in a costume.)

Grapefruit: Oooooh!

Marshmallow: Wow!

Pear: Grapefruit?

Grapefruit: What? Like you guys are so original.

Midget Apple: (laughs) Looks like Apefruit was stretching the truth. (laughs)

Pear: (groans)

Midget Apple: Wait, if Marshmallow was Pear, and Pear was Marshmallow, and if Little Apple was Grapefruit, then who are you?

Tomato: Uhhhh, I'm still a tomato.

Midget Apple: We'll see about that! (spits a seed at Tomato)

Tomato: OW!!! That hurts!

Midget Apple: Yep, she's a tomato alright. (laughs)

Tomato: What is wrong with you?

Midget Apple: I'd take it back. You're an apple (laughs)

Tomato: (groans) You know what you need, Orange?

Midget Apple: What?

Tomato: Knife!

Midget Apple: (gets knifed) (screams)

Marshmallow: AAHH!!

Pear: AHH!!!

Grapefruit: Woooh!!

Pear: OH, NO!

Marshmallow: Oh no!

Pear: Orange, say something, buddy! Please!

(Orange is dropped from the knife and reveals to be Midget Apple in inflatable disguise as the costume deflates)

Pear: Huh?

Tomato: Hey, that's not Orange. That's Little Apple!

Midget Apple: And I would've gotten away with it, too, if it were for that pesky knife.

Orange: (off-screen) Hey, did someone say (comes into view) Knife?

Tomato: (gets knifed) Ahhhhhhh!

Marshmallow: Ahhhh!

Orange: Whoa!

Pear: Ow!

Orange: Whoa! Now that's fool for thought. (laughs) Hey!

Midget Apple and Marshmallow: (laughs)

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