• This is the second episode featuring a tomato. The first was TOE-MAY-TOE.
  • This is the first April Fool's special.
  • The knife that knifed Orange had "boof" on it (parody of Food, from Food Network), the knife was reversed when it stabbed Orange.
  • The Mystery Orange Button will lead the viewer to Annoying Orange Saw.
  • This episode features an advertisement of Kitchen Carnage, a game related to The Annoying Orange that was released on iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch on April 7, 2011, shortly after this episode was uploaded.
  • This is the episode when Orange was knifed but then it was revealed to be Little Apple.
  • This is the first time a tomato gets knifed and not blended.
  • Grapefruit fit into a costume that is much smaller than them, which is impossible.
  • This is the first episode for Orange to have a minor role as he turned out to be Midget Apple in disguise.
  • this is the frst episode to have Midget Apple name to be "Little Apple".

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