Orange: Yo yo yo it's A to the O back with a December to dismember. (Laughs)

Apple: Uh don't you mean remember?

Orange: Hmm...nope

(Apple gets chopped by knife)

Orange: Yeech! I better cut to the chase already (Laughs)

Voice: Goldylover asks:  Do you ever wish you were a toy?

Orange: You bet i do (Record scratches) Wait a second!

Liam: (poof) Ah-ha

Orange: Little green giant. You tricked me!

Liam: You got it. (Liam turns Orange into a toy)

Orange: Whoa! I'm like Pinocchio in reverse. I always wanted to be a real toy. (Laughs)

(Explosions go off)

Announcer: It's time for Ask Orange!

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