Okay, maybe my Latin's a little rusty.
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Pear: Okay, the line is "I'm a star. I'm a great big shining star. Yaaaay." All right, and... action!

Midget Apple: Uh., okay, you want me to go now?

Pear: Yes, go now.

Midget Apple: Umm... umm... what's the line again?

Pear: Oh, come on.

Midget Apple: What? I'm nervous, okay?

Pear: All right, cut. Let's reset. Who's next?

Orange: Hey! Whatcha doin', Pear?

Pear: Oh, hey, Orange! Just shootin' a little cameo for the next episode.

Orange: Wow, must be a really small part. [laughs]

Midget Apple: [groans] Okay Pear, I'm ready for my closeup.

Pear: Yeah, I think we're gonna go in a different direction.

Orange: Ooh-ooh, I wanna try out!

Pear: No.

Orange: But I can do this. [tongue sound]

Pear: No.

Orange: But-

Pear: No.

Orange: But can I-?

Pear: No.

Orange: [groans] You're an apple.

Pear: All right, who's next? Passion, why don't you give it a shot? And... action!

Passion: I'm a star! A great big shining star! Yaaaay!

Orange: Cut. [laughs]

Pear: Orange, I'm rolling here!

Orange: That's not rolling. This is rolling. [spinning around Whee! Film me! Film me! [laughs]

Pear: [groans] Hey Grandpa Lemon, how 'bout you give it a shot? And... action!

Grandpa Lemon: I'm a star! A great big shining... [snores]

Pear: Cut! Man, Grapefruit, what do you got? And... action!

Grapefruit: Oh! I'm a star, I tell ya! I'm a great big shining handsome star with abs made of steel. You want some of me? You want some of me?!

Pear: Cut! Cut! Cut! You're going off-script!

Grapefruit: You kidding me? That was perfect!

Orange: Ooh, Pear! How 'bout this? [as Sean Connery] I'm a star. I'm a great big shining star.

Pear: What was that?

Orange: Well, duh. That was my Sean Connery impression.

Pear: [groans] Okay Marshmallow, you're our last hope. And... action!

Marshmallow: Twinkle, twinkle, little star. How I wonder what you are, hehehe

Pear: Cut! That's not even the... Oh, forget it. [groans] Man, what are we gonna do? I've tested everyone and they all fail.

Orange: I guess you're gonna have to grade on a curve. [laughs]

Pear: Yeah, tell that to the fans. Wait, that's a great idea!

Orange: Um... okay.

Pear: Think about it, Orange. We wouldn't be anywhere without our fans. They've always been there for us.

Orange: Well, there was that heatwave.

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