• In the episode's preview image, both Orange and Pear appeared off to the same side, where before it is only Orange (except for the second Wazzup).
  • This is the second time Orange and Pear go into space, first is Mystery Guest.
  • From now on and the next following episodes, Orange's face is on the moon.
  • The moon (and a Broccoli Minion) was seen again in Frankenfruit.
  • When Broccoli Leader says "Show me the money!", it is similar to 1996 film, Jerry Maguire.
  • The "You can't handle the truth!" quote is similar to the movie A Few Good Men.
  • This is the episode that proves Orange likes Justin Bieber.
  • At the end of the episode, Orange quietly says "Shut up Pear".
  • The voice of the mini broccolis sound a little like Yoda from Star Wars.

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