Midget Apple: Here on the Annoying Orange, we painstakingly caption each and every video to ensure the full enjoyment for the hearing impaired. We also do it because Google's automatic captions are TERRIBLE. To demonstrate, we decided to remake the very first episode of the Annoying Orange using these same terrible automatic captions. Enjoy!

Orange: The Apple! Apple! The Apple! Apple! The Apple! Axonal Apple! any!

Apple: Hearings what's what is it?

Orange: Origin I didn't say apple again! ha-ha-ha-ha-ha-ha-ha

Apple: yet yet ajay connie the first four hundred twenty six pm couple.

Orange: The - the Apple!

Apple: What?

Orange: The Apple!

Apple: What?

Orange: (Holds up a calendar)You look for a week! HAHAHA!

Apple: (points at a diagram of coastal areas)Here. Coastal areas.

Orange: (Holds up a picture of a family)Happily Whites!

Apple: What?

Orange: Can you do ten pushups in ten seconds?

Apple: What kind of question is that? I don't even have arms already one pushup. (does a pushup)

Orange: Hey!

Apple: What?

Orange: Whites the apple!

Apple: What?

Orange: White can you do this?! (Holds up a picture of Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu) NETANYAHU!

Apple: No.

Orange: (continues) Netanyahu Netanyahu Netanyahu

Apple: Stop it.

Orange: (continues) Netan-Netan-Netan-Netanyahuuuu NETANYAHU!

Apple: But movement humanely movement!

Orange: (continues) NETANYAHU! Drop it. NETANYAHU! Drop it.

Apple: (Irriated) The please be quiet for crying out loud! (Orange looks sad) Would you start hearing under the three seconds I came?!!! (Gives Orange an old TV, tennis ball, flashlight and whistle) Here are some things! (breathes heavily)

Orange: He act will backs.

Apple: What?!

Orange: Night.

Apple: (lights are turned out, and Apple puts on a hood)Hood.

Orange: Five one.

Apple: Through.

Orange: Friday morning (lights are turned on, Apple takes off hood and gives flowers) He care!

Pear: (appears with music notes) Note dot.

Midget Apple: And that's what the very first episode of Annoying Orange WOULD have looked like if Google's Automatic captions had their way. Special thanks for the big G for this hallunicatory journey to the heart of a broken algorithm. Toodleoo!!!

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