"Annoying Orange: Despicable Me 2: Choose Your Villain!"
Episode 21
Characters: Orange, Pear (as The-Pear-Asite), Midget Apple (as Mighty Mega Mecha Apple), Grapefruit (as Dr. Apefruit), Gru (screenshot only), Lucy Wilde (screenshot only), Silas Ramsbottom (screenshot only), Minions
Airdate: May 15, 2013
Episode Reference: Despicable Me 2
Episode Guide
"Annoying Orange: Ask Orange 8: Evil Robot Twin"
"Annoying Orange: EPIC TRAILER!"
Despicable Me 2: Choose Your Villain! is an episode of Season 5. Orange gets the viewers to choose which villain played by Midget AppleGrapefruit and Pear should be fought by the Anti-Villain League, with the villain chosen on June 21. The episode was made for the film Despicable Me 2, as well as showing shots from the film, along with the Minions trying to control a machine and show out a "Vote now!" sign.
Annoying Orange - Despicable Me 2 - Choose Your Villain!03:05

Annoying Orange - Despicable Me 2 - Choose Your Villain!


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