(Episode opens with Orange with glasses by window)

Orange: (sings to a tune) Sun, Sun, Sun-Sun-Sun, Sun, Sun, Sun-Sun-Sun, Sun, Sun Sun-Sun, Sun! (stops singing and laughs) Oh boy. Another hour of this and i'll be tan-gerine! (laughs)

(Daneboe puts sunflower on window)

Orange: Hey! (takes off sunglasses and puts down tanning panel) Dwn in front! Your blocking my sun!

Sunflower: Well that's what you get, when you bake without "Flower"! (snickers)

Orange: Huh?

Sunflower: (after title credits)Ha-ha-ha! Yeah, just, uh, trying to break the ice here, neighbor.

Orange: Neighbor? Who's bright idea was it to plant you' by the window?

Sunflower: Oh, sorry about that buddy, but it's the only way I'll grow.

Orange: Yeah? Well, why don't you "grow" back to where you came from? (laughs)

Sunflower: Funny story for you, see, there is this fascinating process called "photosynthesis", we just actually--

Orange: (interrupts)Boring!

Sunflower: No, no! It's really quite intere--

Orange: Uh- uh, I'm not buying it!

Sunflower: Buying what?

Orange: Whatever you're "petaling"! (laughs)

Sunflower: Look...perhaps you could, maybe, roll to the left an inch or two?

Orange: No way, "daffodil"-weed! I was here first!

Sunflower: And, I'm in a pot! So obviously, I'm not moving!

Orange: Then at least crack the window; you smell funny!

Sunflower: Nonsense! I smell great, I'm in bloom!

Orange: What? I thought you were in a pot. Make up your mind already! (laughs)

Sunflower: Uhh...uhh...(bee buzzing)

Orange: Hey, what are you buzzing about?

Sunflower: What? No, I'm not buzzing!

Orange: Then, what's that sound?

(Scene: A honeybee is flying around a flower)

(Cut To: Daneboe's Backyard)

Flower#1: Get it away! GET IT AWAY!!

Flower#2: Oh, oh, no! Dude! Don't let it land on you!

Orange: Whoa! They should ask him to "bee-have"! (laughs)

Sunflower: Oh, good luck; that's Honeybee.

Flower#1: Oh, my God! He's on my eye!

Flower#2: It's digging! It's digging! Oh, no!

Sunflower: Honeybee doesn't care; he doesn't care one bit!

Orange: Ugh! Talk about an eyeful! (laughs) ohh, ow--

(Honeybee rips Flower#1's eye straight out; blood squirts everywhere)

Flower#1 and 2: AHHHHHHH!!!!

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