"Annoying Orange: Fortune Cookie"
Episode 70
Annoying Orange Fortune Cookie
Characters: Orange, Egg Roll, Fortune Cookie, Apple, Misfortune Kiwi, Misfortune Radish, Miss Fortune Cookie
Airdate: March 18, 2011
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"Kung Fruit"
"April Fruits Day"

Fortune Cookie is the 70th episode of the Annoying Orange series, along with its sitcom version.


Orange tried to annoy Egg Roll with a "Why did the chicken cross the road?" riddle and then Dane Boedigheimer took him away to eat him. Fortune Cookie appears behind Egg Roll's former spot, and Orange nicknamed him a Talking Thingamagig, then Orange started annoying him while trying to fully understand him. Orange asks Fortune Cookie whether he knows about Miss Fortune Cookie, who was telling the Misfortune Gang their misfortunes. Afterwards, the gang got their misfortunes, which caused the kiwi and the radish to die. Fortune Cookie warns her about Boedigheimer's hand crushing her and it came true immediately after.

After Miss Fortune Cookie was crushed, her fortune reads "Thumb." Orange annoys Fortune Cookie when he tries to figure out what the fortune means, and Fortune Cookie is eventually crushed by Boedigheimer's hand. His fortune appears after he is crushed (à la Miss Fortune Cookie), which reads "Knife." Orange meets Misfortune Apple, who hopefully survived his attempted knifing (only part of his body is knifed). Orange and Misfortune Apple figure out what Fortune Cookie's fortune means, but Misfortune Apple is halved by Knife violently. (Miss Fortune Cookie told him his death is by halving.)

Fruity Question of the Day

What is your fortune?



Original Version

Annoying Orange Fortune Cookie02:44

Annoying Orange Fortune Cookie

Sitcom Version

Annoying Orange Fortune Cookie (Sitcom)03:25

Annoying Orange Fortune Cookie (Sitcom)

"Annoying Orange: Fortune Cookie"
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