Frankenfruit (Grapefruit): (roars)

Orange: (singing) Trick of treat, I have no feet, but if I did that would be neat! (laughs)

Pear: That's not a scary story!

Orange: I thought we were playing trick of treat!

Pear: Alright, we're skipping Orange. You guys cool with that?

Gourd, Midget Apple, Yellow Pepper, and Carrot: Yes!

Pear: Cool. All right, Midget- uh, I mean Little Apple, who's next?

Midget Apple: It's your turn, Pear.

Pear: All right. I got a good one. Have you ever heard the legend...of Frankenfruit?!

(Gourd, Midget Apple, and Carrot shudder)

Orange: Naw, but I heard the one about Frankenbeans! (farts and laughs)

Carrot: Eww, gross!

Pear: Alight, alight, right. Now, once upon a time...

(a montage of the scientist working with the dead fruits and vegetables is shown)

Pear: (off-screen) ...there was a brilliant scientist. But, like all men and women, his genius was mixed with insanity. He spent his entire life using dead fruits and vegetables together to create terrifying new forms. And worse yet, he figured out a way to bring his monsters to life!

(Frankenfruit roars and sinister laughing)

Pear: There was only one thing that he needed.

Midget Apple: Ah...what was missing?

Pear: Ten thousand gigawatts of pure electricity!

(the lights go out)

Pear: Whoa! The lights!

Orange: What happened?

(Gourd, Midget Apple, and Yellow Pepper are seen on the stovetop as before, but Carrot is missing)

Midget Apple: Hey! What happened to Carrot?

Gourd: I don't know. He was there a minute ago.

Pear: He's probably in the bathroom checking his pants after hearing my story.

Gourd: It wasn't that scary.

Pear: You got something better, Midget Pumpkin?

Midget Apple: That's Little Pumpkin!

Orange: More like Midget Plumpkin! (laughs)

Gourd: Hey! How can I be small and fat at the same time?

Midget Apple: Okay! Okay! Okay! We'll see who's laughing after I tell my story.

Orange: Let me guess. It's gonna be a short story. (laughs)

Midget Apple: That's little story! And it all started on a night just like this, under a full moon...

(scene cuts to a view of the moon with Orange's face, seen through a window)

Orange: Whoa! Onion's back! Remember when we went to space and gave him a face lift?

Midget Apple: This has nothing to do with Onion! But, it does have something to do with a very special hot dog. (cut to a hot dog surrounded by eight candles) You see, a gypsy put a curse on it. (the gypsy zaps Hot Dog with a bolt of energy) So every time there's a full moon, Hot Dog transforms into a terrible beast, known as...The Halloweenie! (Hot Dog/Halloweenie is seen with fangs, accompanied by animalistic growling) Pretty scary stuff, huh?

Yellow Pepper and Gourd: Ummm...

Orange: Your story bites!

(Orange, Pear and Gourd laugh)

Midget Apple: Hey, it's real! It really happened!

Orange: Stop it, Midget Apple. You're barking up the wrong tree.

(Orange and Pear laugh)

Midget Apple: That's Little Apple!

(the lights go out)

Pear: Whoa!


Orange: What's going on?

(Gourd and Yellow Pepper are still sitting on the stovetop, but Midget Apple is gone. Yellow Pepper looks around nervously)

Pear: Whoa. The storm must be getting closer.

Gourd: Hey, where's Little Apple?

Orange: Maybe he's out walking the hot dog. (laughs)

(the lights go out)

Orange and Pear: Whoa!

Gourd: Ah!

(Yellow Pepper is now the only one on the stovetop, and Gourd is gone)

(Yellow Pepper looks around nervously)

Orange: Whoa! Where's Little Plumpkin?

(the lights go out)

Orange: Whoa!

Yellow Pepper: Ah!

Pear: Whoa!

(Yellow Pepper has disappeared)

Orange: What's going on?

Pear: All right, I... I'm officially getting freaked out here.

A voice: (growling)

Orange: That sounded like my tummy.

(the lights go out)

A voice: I'm not your tummy, Orange.

Pear: Who said that?

Orange: Wait, that sounds just like... like...

(the lights come back on and Frankenfruit is seen - made up of Cucumber, Pineapple, Broccoli, Grandpa Lemon, Gourd, Yellow Pepper, Carrot, another carrot, and Grapefruit)

Frankenfruit or more as Grapefruit: (growls)

Orange and Pear: Frankenfruit!

Grapefruit: (stumbles forward) That's right Orange, Grapefruit is back! (gestures with one arm) And better than ever.

Pear: Grapefruit, don't worry, we'll get you some help.

Grapefruit: (head wobbling back and forth; pointing with one arm) Save it Wasteoid! I've got all the help I'm gonna need to squash you and that dimpled dimwit.

Orange: I'm not a dimwit, I'm an orange.

Grapefruit: (flexing both arms) Oh, I'm sorry, I can't hear you. I'm too busy flexing.

Pear: I think I'm gonna barf!

Grapefruit: Let's hear it, smarty pants! Any last words?

Orange: Yeah, Happy Halloweenie!

Grapefruit: That's Halloween, you moron!

Orange: No, it isn't. That's a Halloweenie!

Grapefruit: Huh?

(Halloweenie appears and crashes into Frankenfruit, knocking him apart)

Grapefruit: Ah!!!

Pear and Orange: Whoa!

(Off-screen, Halloweenie tears into the individual parts of Frankenfruit - gore and pulp are flying around on-screen)

Grapefruit: (wails) Wha ho ho ho! Ow, you bit my muscles!

Orange: Whoa! Who let the dogs out? (laughs)

(Midget Apple appears)

Midget Apple: Hey guys! Hey, hey, everybody! Did I miss anything?

Pear: Little Apple! You're alive!

Midget Apple: Barely! You should have seen the line for the bathroom!

(Orange and Pear laugh)

(End rolls)

Grandpa Lemon: W-what's going on here?

Grapefruit: What's going on here is your butt is in my face. Move it, gramps!

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