• This is the first (and so far only) episode to be based on a game show.
  • This episode may be based on the game Jeopardy because of the alike podiums and question board.
  • The reason that the company Dole Fruit is sponsoring this episode is because there is a link in the description to a sweepstakes by Dole for Annoying Orange fans to win an iPad 2.
  • It may have been a mistake, but Kevin Brueck was not credited for voicing Grandpa Lemon, possibly because he had no true dialect.
  • When Apple Trebek says that using a lifeline is the "other show", he is referring to "Who Wants to Be a Millionaire?".
  • The scores everyone had were:
    • Banana: 500
    • Pineapple: 4500
    • Orange: -3000
  • The audience were human than fruit/vegetables.
  • Instead of his name, Orange possibly drew himself and wrote "Hey! Hey! Hey!"

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