"Annoying Orange: Going Walnuts"
Episode 39
Going walnuts
Characters: Orange, Walnut, Nut Cracker, Avocado, Avocado Pit, Squirrel
Airdate: September 3, 2010
Episode Reference: Going Nuts
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Going Walnuts is the 39th episode of the Annoying Orange series. This episode features a walnut.


Orange is singing to himself when he finds Walnut sitting by. Orange successfully annoys him with a knock knock joke calling him a cashew. Orange says he looks familar, mistaking him for a seed that came from Avocado when Orange calls him a Lizard Berry. Orange tells Walnut

a squirrel is coming as a knock knock joke, and then that squirrel comes and eats him.


Fruity Question of the Day

Who or what should I meet next?


Annoying Orange Going Walnuts02:39

Annoying Orange Going Walnuts


Julian Smith as Walnut

Created by Daneboe

Written by Spencer Grove

WARNING! There won't be a new episode of Orange next Friday. New episodes resume the week after!

"Annoying Orange: Going Walnuts"
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