Orange: (singing) Ain't no party like a kitchen party cause a kitchen party never stops! (laughs)

(Dane Boedigheimer puts Grandpa Lemon on the counter)

Grandpa Lemon: Whaaa? Wha, where am I?

Orange: Hey! How's it goin'?

Grandpa Lemon: Oh, hey there little fella. What's your name?

Orange: I'm an orange.

Grandpa Lemon: Well, it's nice to meet you, Boris.

Orange: No, Orange.

Grandpa Lemon: Oh, George.

Orange: (louder) No, O'range!

Grandpa Lemon: Oh, Orange. Sorry about that. My hearing's just ain't what it used to be.

Orange: I'll say.

Grandpa Lemon: You can call me Grandpa Lemon.

Orange: Okay. Hey, Grandpa Lemon!

Grandpa Lemon: (looks around) Who-who said that?

Orange: I did! Hey, hey Grandpa Lemon!

Grandpa Lemon: Oh hey there little fella. What's your name?

Orange: I told you! It's orange!

Grandpa Lemon: Whatever you say, George.

Orange: Hey, hey Grandpa Lemon!

Grandpa Lemon: What's that, Boris?

Orange: Why are you such a sour puss? (laughs)

(Grandpa Lemon falls asleep)

Orange: Hey, Grandpa Lemon?

(Grandpa Lemon still dozes)

Orange: Grandpa Lemon!

(Grandpa Lemon still dozes)


Grandpa Lemon: (wakes up) What? Wha-wha-who are you?!

Orange: (annoyed) I told you a million times already! I'm an orange!

Grandpa Lemon: What are you doing in my house?!

Orange: (sighs) Hey, hey, Grandpa Lemon!

Grandpa Lemon: What?

Orange: Chicken butt! (laughs)

Grandpa Lemon: Chicken hut? Where's that?

Orange: No, chicken butt!

Grandpa Lemon: Check my butt?

Orange: No, chicken butt!

Grandpa Lemon: You don't say! I didn't know that's what the kids are into these days.

Orange: What? No. It's a joke!

Grandpa Lemon: A joke? Well, I've got one for ya: Why did the porcupine cross the road?

Orange: Why?

(Grandpa Lemon falls asleep again)

Orange: Oh, for crying out loud, hey!

(still sleeps)

Orange: HEY!!!

Grandpa Lemon:(wakes up) Huh? What?

Orange: So why did the porcupine cross the road?

Grandpa Lemon: I don't know, why?

Orange: No, I'm asking you.

Grandpa Lemon: Asking me what?

Orange: About the joke?

Grandpa Lemon: A joke? Oh, I've got one for ya: so there't this porcupine right? (Orange sighs) and he... (Grandpa Lemon farts) Whoops!

Orange: Gross! That was disgusting!

Grandpa Lemon: I think there's a farting spider in here. (laughs and looks at Spider)

Spider: What? Screw you, guys! You're always blaming me for everything! I'm outta here!

Orange: Whoa! That guy really puts the "rant" in tarantula. (laughs)

Grandpa Lemon: Hey, Boris, did I ever tell you about the time I opened for Hooty and the Blowfish?

Orange: Hooty and the What-now?

Grandpa Lemon: Old Hooty. He was taking the world by storm with their sexy mid-tempo folk rock. But there was something missing... you know what it was?

Orange: Knife?

Grandpa Lemon: No, a one-man band talking lemon head like me.

Orange: No, knife!

(Knife cuts Grandpa Lemon in half)

Grandpa Lemon: Ouch!

Orange: Ouch! That looks like it hurts! Are you okay, Grandpa Lemon?

(a half of Grandpa Lemon falls asleep again while the other half keeps getting chopped)

Orange: What the? How does someone fall asleep while getting cut in half?

(Later, Daneboe puts Grandpa Lemon down as some lemonade. His face is on a lemon slice on the cup and Orange laughs)

Orange: Hey, Grandpa Lemon, you're a real pain in the glass! (laughs)

Grandpa Lemon: Oh hey there little fella, what's your name?

Orange: (growls)

(A fart was heard again)

Orange: Gross! That was disgusting, Grandpa Lemon.

(Spider arrives again)

Spider: Okay, that one was me. (eats fly on the glass)

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