Orange: (whistling) Bored.

(Dane puts a mushroom on the counter)

Mushroom: Oh, boy! This place is super neat!

Orange: Hey! Hey, look, it's Midget Umbrella!

Mushroom: Oh, hi! Hi there!

Orange: Hey, hey Midget Umbrella! Are you worried about a little rain? (laughs)

Mushroom and Orange: (laughing)

Orange: He-he-he-he. Okay, it wasn't that funny.

Mushroom: (laughs and sighs) What's an umbrella?

(title card)

Orange: Okay, so that's an umbrella?

(Screen shows the umbrella on the couch)

Mushroom: Uh-huh.

Orange: And, that's a midget?

Midget Apple: Hey!

Orange: (laughs) You get it?

Mushroom: (laugh) Uh, no.

Orange: (groan) You're not from around here, are you?

Midget Apple: The poor guy probably grew up in the dark. Why do you think everything's so new to him?

Orange: So, he really is a dimwit! (laughs)

Mushroom: No, I'm not a dimwit, I'm a mushroom.

Orange: Yuck! There's an entire room made of mush?

Midget Apple: No, he is a mushroom.

Orange: If he's just a room, then what is the rest of the house look like? (laugh)

Midget Apple: No! Mushroom! Like a toadstool!

Mushroom: Huh?

Orange: Nu-uh! He's not a toadstool, that's a toadstool!

(Screen shows a toadstool, and a toadstool's crookin')

Midget Apple: But, if that's a toadstool, then what's that?

(Screen shows another frog sitting on a chair)

Orange: Duh, it's a frog chair. (laughs)

Mushroom: Wow, this is amazing! Nothing ever happens where I'm from, and I those toadstools, and frog chairs, everywhere!

Orange: Oooh, oooh! If you like imfibeans, then you're gonna love my motorboat! (doing the motorboat)

Mushroom: Yay, motorboat!

Midget Apple: Would you stop it, already? You're getting spit all over the counter.

Orange: Oooh, oooh! You should try this one! (tongue flipping)

Mushroom: (tongue flipping)

Midget Apple: Would you guys quit it?

Orange and Mushroom: (tongue flipping)

Midget Apple: Stop!

Mushroom: I can even do the other side! (tongue flipping)

Orange: (tongue flipping)

Midget Apple: Stop it, stop it, stop it, stop it!!

Orange and Mushroom: (laughs)

Midget Apple: Geez!

Orange: You know what, Mushroom? You really are a fun guy! (laughs)

Midget Apple: (groan)

Mushroom: (doing the Truffle Shuffle)

Orange: Hey, Midget Apple, look! He's doing the Truffle Shuffle! (laughs)

Midget Apple: Yeah, he's cute as a button.

(Mushroom stops doing the truffle shuffle)

Orange: (laugh) Midget Apple made a funny! (laughs)

Midget Apple: (groan) You're a bad influence, you know that?

Mushroom: Hey, hey Orange! What are we gonna do next?

Orange: Hmmmm, let me see.

Midget Apple: Oh, come on! Don't encourage him!

Orange: Oooh! Hey, Mushroom! Hey, Mushroom, hey!

Mushroom: Yeah?!

Orange: Mario!

Mushroom: Huh?

(Mario comes over and eats Mushroom)

Mario: Woo-hoooo!

Orange: Uhhhh!

Mario: Hey, everybody! It's-a me, Mario!

Orange: Uhhhhhh. Nice on, Mario. Why don't you just grow away! (laughs)

Mario: Oh, what's-a the matter, Orange? Why are you acting so "spore"? (laughs)

Orange: (laughs)

Mario: Waa-ha-ha!

Midget Apple: (groans)

Mario: Oh, boy! Time for-a Mario to get-a his Frog Suit!

Frog Chair: (pops his eyes out in horror) Huh?

(End rolls)

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