Orange: (groans) Is it just me, or is it really hot in here?

Thermometer: Oh, no! I'm feeling it too! And it's a scorcher!

Orange: Well, try not to blow your top! (laughs)

(Hand puts Cherry down)

Cherry: What?!

(Hand sets Blue down)

Blue: I'm just sayin', a second ago it was dark and cool-

Cherry: What? How is this my fault?

Orange: Hey, it sounds like you guys need to "chill" out. (laughs)

Blue: Thanks.

Orange: Hey, no problem. I know it's hard for you guys to make friends.

Cherry: Uh, why is that?

Orange: Duh, 'cause you guys look like a couple of squares. (laughs)

Cherry: (groans)

Blue: There's one in every kitchen.

Orange: Hey! Hey, juice boxes, when are you gonna start dancing?

Cherry: What are you-what are you talking about?

Orange: It says it right there. You guys can "shake well."

Blue: Hey perv, stop looking at my label, that's none of your business.

Cherry: Hey, I'm surprised he can read.

Orange: I don't get it. With all that sugar, you should be more of a sweet-talker. (laughs)

Blue: (growls)

Orange: Hey, hey, why do they call you Cherry? You don't look like a cherry.

Cherry: Uh, that's my flavor. I taste like cherries.

Orange: Oh, well then what does Blue taste like? Smurfs? (laughs)

Blue: Hey man, what's your deal? Blue is a recognized flavor.

Orange: Hmm, I don't know. What do you think, Pear? Is blue a flavor?

Pear: What? Don't be ridiculous. Of course it's not a flavor.

Blue: Oh, come on.

Pear: Okay, so you taste like blueberries?

Blue: Well, no, it's--

Pear: How 'bout grapes? Raisins? Blackberries?

Blue: More like a blue raspberry.

Pear: Oh yeah, except that doesn't actually exist.

Cherry: Hey, ever think it's what's inside that counts?

Orange: You have something inside you that counts? Did you eat a calculator? (laughs)

Blue: That's it. I give up.

Orange: Ooh, ooh, Cherry, hey Cherry! What's a billion plus three?

Cherry: One billion and three.

Orange: Whoa! You really did eat a calculator.

Cherry: No, I passed basic math.

Orange: Hey, we have a toaster. Are you gonna eat him too?

Cherry: What?

Toaster: Don't get any ideas, pal! I'm still plugged in!

Cherry: No, why would I-- Don't listen to-- (growls) It's really hot in here.

Orange: Hey, don't sweat it, dude. Whoops, too late. (laughs)

Blue: Can we go back to the fridge now?

Cherry: Seriously.

Orange: Hey, hey, Cherry! Hey, hey Blue! Hey, hey!

Cherry: What? Why are you doing that?

Orange: Doing what?

Cherry: The yelling, the heys. It's all "Hey! Hey! Hey! Hey!"

Blue: Hey!

Cherry: Hey!

Blue: Hey!

Cherry: Hey!

Blue: Hey!

Cherry: Hey!

Orange: Hey!

Cherry: Hey!

Blue: Hey!

Cherry: Hey!

Orange: Hey!

Blue: Hey!

Cherry: Hey!

Orange: Hey!

Blue: Hey!

Cherry: Hey!

Orange: Hey!

Cherry: Hey!

Blue: Hey!

Orange: Hey!

Pear: Hey, hey, hey, hey, hey, hey! Quiet! Hey!

Cherry: Stop it! (Orange laughs) Stop it with the "hey." No more "hey," all right? We're not doin' that anymore.

Pear: Good call.

Orange: (groans) But "hey" is my favorite word.

Cherry and Blue: No more "hey!"

Orange: Hmm... I can say "hola" or maybe "yo," that's kind of like "hey," but it's not. Um... Ooh! I got it! Cherry, Blue!

Cherry and Blue: What?

Orange: Straw!

Cherry: Yah!

Blue: My head! Oh No!


Orange: Ow!

Blue and Cherry: (yelling in agony)

Dane Boedigheimer: (drinks Cherry)

Orange: Stop it! You're gonna break the calculator.

Blue, Cherry, Toaster, and Orange (screaming)

Dane Boedigheimer: (sets scrumpled Cherry on counter)

Blue: (squirts at Toaster)

Toaster: No! You maniac!

(Toaster explodes)

Orange: Whoa! Ugh, geez. I guess Thermometer was right. It really was a scorcher. (laughs) You're not laughing, Pear.

Pear: (groans)

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