Orange: Aw, where is it? (looking at the two lists)



Orange: Where’s my name?

Pear: Hey Orange. Whatcha reading?

Orange: Stupid varsity lists. I didn’t make either team!

Strawberry: Whoa! Can you believe it? I’m a starter!

Orange: You’re an apple!

Pear: (nervously) Uh, guys, those aren’t teams.

Strawberry: Sure they are! There's going to be a big game and everything!

Orange: Yeah, Salads verses Smoothies!

(Hand grabs Strawberry)

Strawberry: Hey, hey (he is thrown on the cutting board) Ow!

Orange: Whoa!!

Pear: Strawberry! What happened?

Strawberry: (groans) I think I landed on my teeth!

Orange: Yaaaaaaay!!!

Pear: Huh?

Orange: What? Now I get to play for Team Smoothie!

Strawberry: Nuh-uh, nothing’s keeping me out of the game!

(Knife slices him in half)

Strawberry: (screams)

Pear and Orange: Whoa!

Strawberry: Oh My Goddddddddddddddd! (screams)

Orange: I guess Strawberry didn’t make the cut! (laughs as Strawberry's remains are taken away) Oo, Ow!

Pear: Dude, those aren’t teams! Those are recipes! Wait.. My name isn’t on there, is it?

Kiwi #1: Huh-huh, not likely!

Kiwi #2 The list for second place is in the ladies room! (both laugh)

Orange: Look Pear! It's a couple of "Ki-weenies"! (laughs)

Pear: Kiwi? Oh, god! That’s on the list!

Kiwi #2: You know it!

Pear: No! That’s not good! You gotta run for it!

Kiwi #1: (hand grabs him) Aaaah!

(Kiwi #1 is thrown in blender)

Orange: (screams)

Kiwi #2: Hey, what happened to-(screams)

(Hand Takes Kiwi 2 and throws in him in the Blender)

Pear: Oh no...

Orange: I hope those guys can blend in! (laughs) (Human Turns Blender On)

Kiwis: (screaming)

Orange and Pear: (screams)

Lettuce: Geez, what’s all the racket about?

Pear: Lettuce, you gotta get out of here!

Orange: Ya! You gotta head out! (laughs)

Lettuce: Why is that?

Orange: Trust me! You should just "leaf". (laughs)

Lettuce: Leave? But I just got here!

Pear: You gotta get out of here, run! Run while you can!

(Human Hand Throws Lettuce on Cutting Board)

Orange: Whoa, talk about getting flipped off! (laughs)

Pear: Oh no, it’s happening again!

(Human Hand Slices The Screaming Lettuce)

Orange: What a split decision!

Pear: Ugh, for the last time, this isn’t a game! There’s no rules, its just... Wait! That’s it, Orange! Every time we talk to these guys they get chopped up!

Orange: Or blended!

Pear: Whatever, the point is, maybe if we keep our mouths shut, nothing will happen!

Orange: I've gotta keep my mouth shut?

Pear: Exactly!

Orange: But I’ve never done that before!

(Human Places Apple on Cutting Board)

Apple: Whoa, what’s going on, up in here?

Orange: Hey, hey apple!

Pear: Dude, shut the mouth!

Orange: Oh, ya, right!

Apple: Yo, I’m talking to you guys!

Orange: Nya, nya, nya, nya

Pear: Shhhhhhhh

Apple: Hello?

Orange: Nya, nya, nya, nya

Pear: Quiet!

Apple: Nya, nya... what’s wrong with you man? You know, besides being an Orange!

Orange: Ergh!

Apple: Hey, Minute Maid, why don’t you clean up this place! Ha, haa!

Orange: Ergh!!

Pear: Quiet!

Apple: What’s the matter! Your mouth won't open, maybe your a little cit-rusty! Ha, ha, ha, boooyah!

Annoying Orange: Ergh!!

Apple: What’s you pal’s name? Mr. Green Jeans? (laughs)

Pear: Oh, I’m sorry we were just trying to save your life! But then you, you gotta go and be an apple! Well, you know what?

Apple: What?

Orange: Knife!

(Human Cuts Apple In Pieces on Cutting Board)

Orange: (screams)

Pear: (screams)

Orange: Man, that was one bad apple! (laughs)

Little Apple: Go Smoothie!

Marshmallow: Yay!

Little Apple: What? Did we miss the game?

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