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"Annoying Orange: Kitchen Intruder"
Episode 50
Characters: Orange, Mark the Red Bell Pepper, Elizabeth Eggplant, Nancy Nectarine, Cucumber Police, Kiwi, Limes
Airdate: November 23, 2010
Episode Reference: Bed Intruder
Episode Guide
"Orange After Dentist"
"Sneezing Marshmallow"

Annoying Orange: Kitchen Intruder is the fiftieth episode of The Annoying Orange Series, and the second of five Thanksgiving Viral Video episodes. It is a parody of the viral video Bed Intruder.


Mark the Red Pepper explained that there was a problem coming over Heyapple Avenue where Elizabeth Eggplant reports over there and shown a Kicthen and Nancy Nectarine was nearly killed by a knife, the perpetrator, by getting cut up in half until she was saved by Orange.

Mark later gets knifed and Orange was autotuned.

Fruity Question of the Day

Antoine or Orange?


Watch the Original Antoine Dodson (Bed Intruder)

Watch the Original Bed Intruder Song


Spoof by The Gregory Bros.

Brittani Taylor as Eggplant

Created by Daneboe

Written by Spencer Grove


Annoying Orange Kitchen Intruder02:12

Annoying Orange Kitchen Intruder

"Annoying Orange: Kitchen Intruder"
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