Main 1

Orange: Orange, Orange, Orange (singing) Whoa! Don't you look fancy?

Lady Pasta: I am Lady Pasta.

Orange: Oh, I've heard of you!

Lady Pasta: Tell me something I don't know.

Orange: So, why are you dressed like that?

Lady Pasta: Like what?

Orange: Like a crazy person?

Lady Pasta. I'm an artist. Why should I be labelled as just spaghetti when I come with so many other things?

Orange: I made some macaroni art in camp once! Wanna see it?

Lady Pasta: Not really.

Orange: See? It's a photo of me. That means I'm an artist, too! (Laughing)

Lady Pasta: I don't think so. I take my art and music to the extreme. It exudes raw passion and thought. When I sing, it means something.

Orange: What?

Lady Pasta: Fine. I'll show you what I mean.

Main 2


Roma to-may-tah


I'm so delicious

Forget spaghetti

I want linguine

Give me fusilli, penne or ziti


Gnocchi or tortellini

Fettucine alfredo

Angel hair al pesto

And top it off with some chicken parm

Just boil me and stir me once in a while as you heat up some sauce in a pan

Or don't add sauce

A-Add butter instead

You can eat me completely bland

You can eat me strand by strand

I won't tell if your sauce is canned




I'm so delicious

Main 3

Orange: Uh..............You stuttered a lot.

Lady Pasta: No, that's just the way I sing.

Orange: Is that because you've got pa-pa-pa-pa-pasta face? (laughter)

Lady Pasta: You're not funny.

Orange: Come on! I'm just being fa-silly. (laughter) Hey! Hey, Lady Pasta! I wrote a song, too! Wanna hear it?

Lady Pasta: No.

Orange: (singing) Orange Orange Orange Orange Orange Orange Orange Orange O-Orange Orange Orange.

Lady Pasta: Stop.

Orange: (singing again)

Lady Pasta: Please stop.

Orange: (singing better).

Lady Pasta: Seriously, dude, stop.

Orange: (singing faster)

Lady Pasta: Somebody, please, put me out of my misery.

Orange: (singing even faster)

Lasty Pasta: No! It was a figure of spe-(screaming and then bubbling)

Orange: Whoa! Lady Pasta, you've got bu-bu-bu-bu-burnt-face! (laughter) Ouch!

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