• Title card:The following Preview is guaranteed to be annoying and should be watched by you so that you may giggle with delight
  • Narrator: Faster than a speeding bullet...
  • Speeding Bullet: Whoa, what was that?
  • Narrator: More powerful than a locomotive...
  • Locomotive Train: Check me out, dude. I'm so powerful. [His window trains got shattered] Well, this is embarrassing.
  • Narrator: Able to leap tall buildings in a single bound.
  • Pear: Look up in the sky! It's a bird!
  • Squash: It's a plane.
  • Marshmallow: It's the most magical rainbow ever!
[Harp glissando]
  • Pear: No, Marshmallow. NEXT to the rainbow.
  • Marshmallow: Oh. It's Super Annoying Orange!
  • Narrator: That's right. It's Super Annoying Orange, The Man of Peel, able to ruin ice water with heat-vision.
[Orange zaps pear's ice water in his glass and laughs.]
  • Pear: Hey! I was drinking that!
  • Narrator: Able to ruin your hot cocoa with arctic breath.
[Orange blows a cold wind to Marshmallow's Hot cocoa in the mug.]
  • Marshmallow: [getting disappointed] Aww. I wanted to take a bath.
  • Narrator: Able to motorboat so fast, he disappears.
  • Grapefruit: Oh, where'd he go?
[Orange fart on grapefruit and invisiblity fast.]
  • Grapefruit: What the? Did he just teleport and fart on me?
  • Narrator: Able to scream "nya-nya" so loud, it shakes the Earth.
  • Orange: Nya-nya-nya-nya-nya-nya-nya...
[Objects shattering]
[Orange laughs]
  • Marshmallow: Yay!
[Electricity crackling]
  • Pear: Why? Why would anybody give Orange these powers?
  • Narrator: It's Super Annoying Orange, The Man of Peel!
  • Orange: And don't you forget it or i'll fly off the handle! [laughs]
[Orange zap the screen]
[The screen explodes when episodes ends]

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