Star: I'm a star! A great big shining star! Yaaaaaay!

(a meteor smashes it and zooms to Earth)

(zooms in to Orange's house, where his voice is heard)

Orange: Whoa! What the heck are you? Are you a hoagie? Hey! Hey Hulk Hoagie!

Croissant: It's Croissant.

Orange: Hey! Hey Hulk Hoagie! Hey!

Croissant: It's Croissant, okay? You want me to spell it out for you?

Orange: Nah, that's what he's for.

Spell & Speak: Hoagie: H-O-A...

Croissant: That's it! You wanna rock and roll with me, come on! Let's rock and--

(the meteor smashes through the roof and lands on the counter, crushing Croissant)

Meteortron: Yaaahh!!

Orange: Whoa!

Pear: What the heck was that?

Meteortron: What are these Earth shapes?

Orange: That's not rock and roll, that's just rock ON a roll.


Spell & Speak: Can you spell "zing"?

(title card plays)

Pear: Holy crap, it's a meteor!

Orange: Meteor? Meatier than what?

Meteortron: Negative! I merely look like a meteor

.Midget Apple: So, what? You're like a comet?

Orange: He can't be a comet; he doesn't have a tail. (laughs) Ha-ha-ha-ha-ha!

Meteortron: Silence!

Spell & Speak: Silence: S-I-L... (gets hit by a laser)

Orange: Hey!

(the screen shows Meteortron, who had a gun to shoot Spell & Speak)

Orange: Now I'll never learn how to spell.

Meteortron: Behold, I am Meteortron of the Frotobots. We are an alien race of shape-shifting robots locked in a never-ending battle with Opticons, who are also an alien race of shape-shifting robots who we will crush!

Orange: Wait, so you got a crush on who now?

Meteortron: Silence! And tell me where I can find a relic.

Orange: Huh?

Midget Apple: Um... you mean like a VCR?

Meteortron: No! The relic is a device of unspeakable power, which I have traced to this very... (record scratches) uh, what the crap is this place?

Orange: Kitchen?

Meteortron: Keetch-on. Now you must give me the relic.

Pear: Uh, sorry dude, we don't have any relic.

Meteortron: You cannot deceive a Frotobot. No matter. I have other ways of making you talk. (gets out a blade) (laughs evilly, while the blade is heard whirring)

Orange: Whoa! Cut it out, meteor-man. If you want the relic so bad, he's right there.

(the screen shows Relish)

Relish: Whoa-whoa-whoa! Whoa, easy now. Just put the spinning blade down and let's talk this over.

Meteortron: Huh. This does not compute.

Relish: Yeah, it doesn't compute. You know why? Because I'm relish, not relic.

Meteortron: Further investigation is required. Initiate dissection. (his blade gets bigger and moves towards Relish)

Relish: Oh, thanks a lot, Orange. Thanks.

Orange: Uh-oh, this is gonna be "jarring." (laughs) Ha-ha-ha-ha! Ew...

(a laser hits the blade, causing it to come off Meteortron. Meteortron roars. The screen shows Spell & Speak as a robot.)

Spell & Speak: Boom.

Orange: Spell & Speak, you're alive!

Spell & Speak: Yes, for I am more than an educational tool; I am... an Opticon.

Meteortron: Who we will crush!

Spell & Speak: Meteortron, step away from the relic.

Relish: Oh come on, you can't spell "relish"?

Meteortron: Prepare for battle! (he turns into a robot)

Orange: Whoa, time for Rock 'Em Sock 'Em Robots.

Meteortron: Behold!

Pear: Whoa!

Midget Apple: Neato burrito!

Meteortron: I am Meteortron!

(the screen zooms out to show Mervin)

Mervin the Watermelon: Hey guys, what's going on in here?

Orange: Hey, hey Mervin!

Mervin the Watermelon: What's up, Orange?

Orange: Robot.

Mervin the Watermelon: Huh? (Meteortron grabs him) Whoa, whoa! Put me down!

Meteortron: Die, Opticon! (throws Mervin towards Spell & Speak)

Mervin the Watermelon: Aaaaaaaaaaahhhhh!!!!!! (Spell & Speak zaps a laser at Mervin, killing him.)

Orange: Whoa, heads up.

(Meteortron and Spell & Speak fight. Meteortron yells.)

Meteortron: Aaaaggh!!!

Opticon: Oh!

Midget Apple: Whoa!

Meteortron: Ha-ha-ha! Die!

Orange: Eh...

(Meteortron yells as he and Spell & Speak both zap a laser at each other, killing them both with an explosion)

Midget Apple: Wow!!

(Orange and Pear cough due to the smoke.)

Orange: (coughs) Whoa. Talk about deja boom. (laughs) Ha-ha-ha! (coughs) Ugh.

Pear: Oh... why is it we can't go one day in this kitchen without something exploding?

Midget Apple: Amen.

Orange: Yeah, it's pretty great, isn't it?

(Midget Apple and Pear groan)

Relish: Fear not, friends. We're safe now that the robots have destroyed themselves. Perhaps I can finally put away this... disguise. (takes off his disguise, revealing that he is actually relic)

Orange: Whoa!

Pear: Whoa!

Relish: Behold, it is I, the Relic--

(Hot Dog smashes through the roof and lands on the counter, crushing Relish.)

Hot Dog: Whoa-ho-ho-oh! What's up, dudes? I'm looking for the relish. You seen him anywhere?

(end credits show)

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