• The apple looks like the apple in Kitchen Carnage
  • The title is a parody of the thriller, The Butterfly Effect.
  • This episode has minor redos of The Annoying Orange, with the current models of the fruits used in the main series, which might count as "altering the episode".
  • When it was released on October 14th 2011 their "present" timeline is 2012- 1 year later.
  • Robo Apple is an obvious parody of RoboCop with a jetpack and ray guns.
  • Midget Apple:" Alright, Neato Burrito, beam us the future!" an obvious refrence to Back to the Future, since this episode is about time travel.
  • This episode is similar to the Family Guy episode "Back To The Pilot" where Brian and Stewie go back in time to the very first episode.
  • It was revealed that if Apple doesn't get knifed, he'll be the king of the kitchen.