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"Annoying Orange: Million Clones"
Episode 36
Characters: Voice, Orange, Orange's One Million Clones, Pear, eariler characters in archive footage at the begining of the episode
Airdate: August 13, 2010
Episode Guide
"Close Encounters of the Annoying Kind"

Million Clones is the 36th episode of the Annoying Orange. This episode features Orange getting cloned a million times.


One million people have subscribed to Orange's YouTube Channel. To celebrate, Orange gets cloned one-million times, all of them growing annoying, regardless of Pear asking the narrator to stop.
1 million views


Fruity Question of the Day

Which of the past characters would you love to see in another episode?


Thank you! To all our Fans! You Rock! If You Haven't Subscribed yet, click here! :)

Created by Daneboe

Written by Spencer Grove


Annoying Orange Million Clones02:03

Annoying Orange Million Clones

"Annoying Orange: Million Clones"
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