"Annoying Orange: Mommy and Me"
Episode 77
Characters: Orange, Mama Orange, Yam, Pear, Midget Apple, Marshmallow, Knife, Mama Knife, Mama Pear, Mama Apple, Mama Marshmallow
Airdate: May 6, 2011
Episode Reference: Marley and Me, Robot and Me
Episode Guide
"Annoying Orange Through Time 2"
"Annoying Orange: Fruit for All"

Mommy and Me, or Mummy and Me in the UK is an episode of The Annoying Orange from the third season. This episode features the mothers of Orange, Pear, Knife, Midget apple and Marshmallow, as well as Yam.


Orange annoys Yam.  Then, his mom comes out and they happily annoy Yam  together. The yam grows more annoyed, and eventually gets knifed. Then, Knife's mom comes; she said she thought she "raised him to be sharper". Then, everyone's moms come for Mothers Day. Then, Orange asks Marshmallow where his mom is, who Marshmallow reveals is a unicorn. Midget Apple thinks that explains a lot, and they all start laughing.

Fruity Question of the Day

What did you get your mom for Mothers Day?


Annoying Orange - Mommy and Me03:22

Annoying Orange - Mommy and Me

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