Voice: We've asked you many times for Annoying Orange video ideas, and you've requested some great crazy things! You've asked to see Orange go to the moon.

(shows Orange and Pear hovering over the moon)

Orange: Hey, Pear! I don't think you understand the gravity of the situation! (laughs)

Voice: You've asked to see him destroy a city.

(shows Orange going rampant and destroying buildings with laser vision)

Orange: Whoa! Laser eyes! (chuckles)

Voice: You've asked to see him use a jetpack.

Orange: (as he is blasting into the air) (screams)

Voice: You've even asked to see him eat a gummyworm.

Orange: (eating a gummyworm) MMMM, Delicious! (laughs muffled)

Voice: But time and time again, you, the fans have asked to see Orange go head-to-head with one particular person! And next Friday, it's going to happen! You've asked for it, you got it. Annoying Orange vs....(question mark appears) Tune in to see who it is. June 25, 2010: Annoying Gets An Upgrade.


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