(in the boat)

Marshmallow: Yay! I wish every day was vacation day!

Midget Apple: Me too, little buddy. Heck, I wish we would have been on vacation way sooner.

Orange: Don't you mean "schooner"? (laughs)

Midget Apple: (groan) Hey, Orange.

Orange: What's the matter, Midget Apple? You're looking kinda "stern". (laughs)

Midget Apple: Hasn't this guy heard of a vacation?

Orange: Aw, you guys gotta relax. But not like Pear. He really want overboard.

(Pear sits on a pink tube on the water)

Pear: (Calm) Ah, finally. Peace and quiet.

Orange: Hey, hey Pear! Hey!

Pear: (sigh) No. Just ignore him. You're on vacation.

Orange: Hey, Pear! Hey, hey Pear!

Pear: (Annoyed) What? What? What?!

Orange: Marco!

Pear: No! Don't--

Orange: Marco!

Pear: Oh, come on!

Orange: Marco, marco, marco, marco, marco, marco, marco! (laughs)

Pear: Polo, polo, polo! Now, would you leave me alone?!

Orange: Hey, hey Pear!

Pear: (Ballistic) WHAT?!!

Orange: Duck!

Pear: (screaming)

(Screen shows a rubber ducky)

(title card)

Pear: (Slightly bothered) Hey, I've never seen one, before, okay? I mean, come on. Why would anybody want a duck made of rubber?

Orange: Aw, don't worry, Pear. It's nothing to get "quacked" up about. (laughs)

Midget Apple: Check it out! There's a rope tied to this duck! I wonder why--

Blueberry Beard: Yargh! Ship's ohoy!

Pear: Huh?

Cookie #1: (Mistook "ships" for "chips") I think he's talking to us.

Cookie #2: Yeah, we get that a lot.

Blueberry Beard: FIRE!

(Cannon ball hits the cookies, and the cookies screams)

Midget Apple: Whoa!

Marshmallow: Whoa!

Pear: Whoa!

Orange: Hey, you dunk my cookies!

(Screen shows the pirate ship)

Blueberry Beard: Yargh! and there will be worse to come, if'n you don't release me scoutn' vessel.

Midget Apple: (Confused) Uh, you mean the ducky?

Blueberry Beard: Ai, me ducky.

Orange: Hey, hey Captain Blueberry Beard! Hey!

Blueberry Beard: Yarr! 'tis I!

Orange: Oh... so that's actually your name?

Blueberry Beard: Yargh.

Pear: Hey, they did happen, eventually.

Blueberry Beard: I be the fearsest most dangerous pirate in all of the high seas.

Midget Apple: Uh, you mean the bathtub?

Blueberry Beard: Ai. Now, tell me what matter of treasure had he on board?

Pear: Treasure? We don't have any treasure.

Blueberry Beard: You think me a fool? If'n you had no treasure, then why you been sealin' with a naval orange?

Orange: Naval? I'm not the one that look's like a belly button! (laughs)

Blueberry Beard: Yarr!

(A blueberry fires the cannon)

Blueberry Beard: Shiver me timbers! Who me firing, now?!

Blueberry #2: Uh, sorry, sir. I thought you said, "fire."

Blueberry Beard: No, I said, "Yarr!"

(Another blueberry fires a cannon)

Blueberry #3: Sir, it really sounds a lot, like "fire."

Blueberry Beard: Yargh! Uh, uh, I mean, um--To the plank! The both of ya!

(Two blueberries jumps off the pirate ship, while jumping off the plank)

Blueberry #3: Come on, bubby! Whoooo!

(Blueberries laugh for fun)

Blueberry Beard: The mutant is dogs! The plank not be for funnin', it be for plundering!

Orange: Hey, hey Captain Moldy Chin! Know why you live on a ship?

Blueberry Beard: Yargh?

Orange: Because, you're travel sized! (laughs)

Blueberry #1: Oh, no. Here we go.

Blueberry Beard: Yargh! No man, fruit, and vegetable cracks wise about me sized! Navier not on peeliar faster than a scurvy crazed sailer!

Orange: Well, whatever float your boat. (laughs)

Blueberry Beard: Prepare to be boarded!

Pear: Uh, guys. This is not good.

(Boat started to sink, and the water comes out)

Orange: I know! I hate B-boards!

(The boat rotates to sink)

Midget Apple: I told you, we should have gotten a banana boat.

Blueberry Beard: Battle stations, or you'll all be walkin' the plank!!

Midget Apple: Uh, guys. I never told you this, but I can't swim!

Pear: Dude, none of us can swim.

Marshmallow: Yay!

Orange: Hey, hey Blueberry! I heard your ship was on "sail"! (laughs)

Blueberry Beard: (growl while talking) Yargh! That is one dab land lober!

Orange: Yeah? Well, at least I know the alphabet. You're the one that always gets lost at sea! (laughs)

Blueberry Beard: Yargh! That be the pun that broke the pirate's back! OPEN FIRE!!

Orange: Uh-oh. I'm starting to think that Captain Whiskers means business!

Pear: Don't worry, guys. I think I got a little plan!

(Midget Apple on a cannon)

Midget Apple: I don't think this is a good idea, guys.

Marshmallow: Hey, no fair! I wanna fly on the unicorn, too!

Pear: Sorry, bud. You're the only one that would fit.

Orange: Don't worry, Midget Apple. You're gonna have a blast! (laughs)

Midget Apple: (groans) How many times do I have to tell you? IT'S LITTLE--

(Orange fire Midget Apple)


(Midget Apple hit the flush button on the bathtub)

Blueberry Beard: Yargh! Put him what over the foul, are ya? RETURN FIRE!!

(Water swirls to the pirate ship of disaster)

Blueberry #1: Captain! It's--uh--It's--uh--

Blueberry Beard: FIRE, ALREADY!! FIRE!!

Blueberry #1: It's--uh--It's--uh--

Blueberry Beard: Out fit it, already!

Blueberry #1: WHIIIRLPOOOOOOL!!!

(Water pull up the pirate ship, and the blueberries screams)

Orange: Uh-oh! This vacation's really going down the drain! (laugh) Eeeehh!

(The ship was sunk, the white screen came on, and the white screen shows Orange, and Pear hang on the rubber ducky on the water)

Orange: Well, this is just ducky. (laughs)

Pear: Okay, stop making that joke, already!

Midget Apple: (groan) Seriously, I've got an awful headache.

(Screen shows Marshmallow sailing in the water, and Midget Apple was on top of Marshmallow)

Marshmallow: Yay! I just asked a new friend to come back in the kitchen with us, and he said, "yes!" Yay!

Pear: Um, Marshmallow, you know the rubber ducky is well, just rubber, right?

Marshmallow: (giggle) Whatever you say, Pear. (winks, and giggles)

Rubber Ducky: (winks)

(End rolls)

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