• The game that Pear was playing was an Ouija board, a game of spiritualism, which explains why Ginger came back as a soul from the planchette (marker).
  • This is the first time someone gets chopped up early in an episode.
  • This is also the second time a character appears from getting chopped up in a previous incident. The first was Pumpkin. Ginger, however, came back at the end of the episode as a ghost.
  • The fruity question of the day talks about Marshmallow and Midget Apple even though they aren't in the episode.
  • This is the first time Orange didn't see anyone being knifed.
  • The episode's name comes from Alice Cooper's song No More Mr. Nice Guy.
  • Goof: Knife never talked to Orange, therefore, he shouldn't have known his name.
  • One line in the closed captions read "This one time I [?] a tuna can in three seconds flat" (the question mark was supposed to be "Julienned"). This maybe because the closed captions are not official (they are made by "SpongeSebastian").

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