"Annoying Orange: Orange After Dentist"
Episode 49
Orange After Dentist (David After Dentist Spoof)
Characters: Orange, Pear (off-screen)
Airdate: November 22, 2010
Episode Reference: David After Dentist
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"Kitchen Intruder"

Orange After Dentist is the 49th episode of Annoying Orange series and the first of five Thanksgiving Viral Video episodes. It is a parody of the famous viral video called David After Dentist.


After a dentist visit, Orange is dizzy because of the medication he took that got his teeth whitened. He sits in a car, while Pear is talking with him. At the end, Pear gets hit by an airbag.

The entire special plays out like David After Dentist except that Pear is hit by an airbag which prung after Orange said "Airbag".

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Orange teeth whitened

Orange with his teeth whitened in Orange After Dentist

AO Airbag

The airbag hits pear.


Orange After Dentist (David After Dentist Spoof)01:32

Orange After Dentist (David After Dentist Spoof)


Watch the Original David After Dentist

Created by Daneboe

Written by Spencer Grove

"Annoying Orange: Orange After Dentist"
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