Pear: So you got your teeth whitened, too. So, how do you go?

Orange: Hey, Pear...

Pear: Yeah?

Orange: I didn't feel anything.

Pear: Yeah. It felt kinda good, didn't it?

Orange: (sigh) I feel funny... Is this real life?

Pear: Yes, this is real life.

Orange: Okay, now. Okay, now I. I have two fingers.

Pear: Actually, you don't have any fingers, Orange.


Pear: Whoa! It's okay! It's okay! It's okay! (Orange's screaming decresendos) You never had fingers.

Orange: I don't feel tired...

Pear: You don't?

Orange: Uh-uh... Did I get my teeth whitened?

Pear: Uh-huh.

Orange: Did I- Did I get my teeth whitened?

Pear: Yes.

Orange: (makes tongue noise)

Pear: No, no, no. Orange, don't do that.

Orange: (makes tongue noise again)

Pear: No, no, no, no, don't do that!

Orange: (stops making tongue noise) Why can't I do that?

Pear: Because, it could mess up the teeth whitening.

Orange: You have four arms...

Pear: Actually, I don't have any arms, Orange.


Pear: Orange! Orange, it's okay! (Orange's screaming decresendos) Orange, I never have arms in the first place!

Orange: I feel funny... Why is this happening to me?

Pear: It's okay, Orange. It's just from the medicine.

Orange: Is this gonna be forever?

Pear: No, it won't be forever. (sighs)

Orange: Hey. Hey, Pear...

Pear: Yes, Orange?

Orange: Airbag!

(Airbag pops out and hits Pear)

Pear: OOOOOOOOF!!!!!!!!!!

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