Orange: Hey, hey Egghead, hey!

Eggplant: I told you, it's Eggplant!

Orange: What? You can't be an egg and a plant at the same time!

Eggplant: I'm not made of eggs!

Orange: That's over easy for you to say! (laughs)

Eggplant: Man, shut your mouth, man! Come on!

Orange: Hey, hey Egghead!

Eggplant: What, what?!!!

Orange: Knife!

(Dane sliced Eggplant in half)

Eggplant: Ahh!

Orange: Geez, Egghead really got scrambled! (laugh) Oooohhh, owwww!

(The truck appeared, and the corn cobs jumped out of the truck)

Cob #1: Did you see that?

Cob #2: Ah, that was totally--

Cob #1: --Brilliant!

Cob #2: Oh, yeah! Yeah, brilliant!

Orange: Wow, now that's an earful! (laughs)

Cob #1: That's it! The puns, the jokes, the comedic timing, you're perfect!

Orange: Nuh-uh! I'm an orange!

Cob #1: Oh, no, you're not.

Orange: I'm not?

Cob #1: You, my friend, are gonna be a star!

(title card)

Pear: Dude, I can't believe they want you to be a movie star!

Midget Apple: Yeah! You think you can get me a part in your movie?

Orange: Okay. But only if it's a "little" part. (laughs)

Midget Apple: (groans) I really set myself up for that one.

Cob #1: Okay, Orange, before we start production on your feature, we need to is address few things.

Orange: Why? Are you sending me fan mail already? (laughs)

Cob #2: (mocking laugh) No. We just need a couple of minor changes.

Orange: Like what?

Cob #1: Well, for starters, the hair.

Orange: Do you like it? I styled it myself. (laughs)

Cob #2: Bieber fever is the new pandemic and we know audiences will really respond to a similar do.

Cob #1: Here you go buddy.

(Bieber hair falls on orange)

Orange: Oh, What the?!

Both Cobs: Love It!

Orange: Ugh, It looks like a dog's eating my head.

Cob #1: Now let's work on that voice.

Orange: Okay, (makes dog noises)

Cob #1: (mocking laugh) No!

Cob #2: Our studies indicate that people like British accents more than any other.

Cob #1: Yes! We need a British accent!

Orange: (by Jov'e Governor:) Why didn't you just say so? Cheerio! (laughs)

Cob #2: Ohhhh! that is so great!

Cob #1: Nah, not so much.

Cob #2: That's totally what I was thinking, Maybe we could just dub it.

Cob #1: Oh! We can get Russel Brand.

Both Cobs: Love It!

Orange: I don't know guys.

Cob #1: Really not liking this location.

Cob #2: Me neither, Me neither, Oh I've got it!

Cob #1: Whaddyaa Got?

Cob #2: A Tropical Island!

Orange: You hear that guys! We're going to a tropical island. Yay!

(background of tropical island drops)

Orange: Awwwwwwwww.

Cob #2: Now let's meet your new cast!

Cob #1: Say hello to Broccoli. He's your new bad-boy best friend.

Broccoli: Yo, call me Broc, bro!

Pear: Wait-wait-wait-wait-wait-wait a minute! I'M Orange's best friend!

Cob 2: Yeah that's what they all say.

Cob #1 Oh, and check out your new little buddy! It's Russel the Brussel!

Russel: Neato Burrito.

Midget Apple: HEY! that's MY catchphrase!

Cob #2: Hey! Quiet Down! I'm trying to introduce the new fruits.

Pear: But those guys aren't even fruits!

Orange: What's the matter guys? Don't you want to vege out? (laughs)

(Cob #1 throws sunglasses onto Orange's face)

Orange: Hey!

Cob #1: Those lens look great!

Cob #2: Those hippsters are gonna...

Both Cobs: Love It!

Pear: Oh come on! Orange don't you see what's happening here?

Orange: Sort of. Everything looks kinda blurry now.

Midget Apple: (groans) Not the glasses.

Pear: Look orange your not perfect, but nobody is, we've all got flaws, but that's what makes us special.

Orange: Um, yeah, I guess.

Cob #1: Don't listen to them Orange. They're just jealous.

Cob #2: Yeah! We're not the bad guys, we're just trying to make you better.

Orange: You're trying to make me butter?

Cob #2: Better!

Orange: Butter?

Cob #1: Better!!

Orange: Butter?

Both Cobs: BETTER!!!

Orange: Yeah! Butter!

(Dane Boedigheimer takes both cobs away and slatters butter on them)

Orange: Aaaaaah!

Cob #2: Ewwwww!

Cob #1: Stop!

Cob #2: Get it off!

Orange: It could be worse! At least it's not margering. (laughs)

Cob #2: (screams)

Cob #1: Hey what's wrong with you? Don't you know who I am!?

Orange: Yeah, you better leave him alone. He's got more kernals than an army. (laughs)

(Dane Boedigheimer starts eating cob #1)

Cob #1: Oh god stop Stop!

Orange: Oh well, I guess that means there won't be a sequal.

Pear: Aw, don't get down on yourself Orange. Besides, I don't think being a star is all it's cracked up to be.

(car and music noices)

Pear: What the... Little Apple?

Midget Apple: What? I didn't hear anyone call dibs.

(Midget Apple and Orange laugh)

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