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(tile card shows like Harry Potter movies)

(in the castle)

Snapefruit: Well, well, well. If it isn't Orange Potter.

Orange Potter: Well, well, well. If it isn't Snapefruit. (laughs)

Snapefruit: I see you got along your meddlesome cohorts. Pear Weasly, and Passiony Granger.

Pear Weasley: Meddlesome?

Passiony Granger: Cohorts?

Orange Potter: Hey, hey Professor Snapefruit!

Snapefruit: What?

Orange Potter: You're an apple! (laughs)

Snapefruit: I most certainly am not an apple.

Orange Potter: Yuh-huh! Apple-cadabra!

(Orange Potter turns Snapefruit into an apple)

Orange Potter: Hey, Snapefruit! Are you embarrassed? Cause you're looking a little red. (laughing)

Pear Weasley & Passiony Granger: (laughs)

Snapefruit: (growls angrily, and turns himself back into a grapefruit) Enough of your games, Orange Potter! The fruit that must not be named wants to have a word with you.

Orange Potter: The fruit that must not be named? (zooms in) You mean Moldywarts?

Pear Weasley: Dude!

Passiony Granger: Orange!

Snapefruit: It is madness to speak that name!

Orange Potter: Okay! I guess I'll have to sing it, then! ♫ Moldywarts, Moldywarts, he wears moldy undershorts!♫ (laughing)

(A green teleport blasts in the shadow)

Moldywarts: (in the shadow) Impressive, Orange Potter.

Orange Potter: Whoa, who's there?

Moldywarts: (comes out of the shadow) It is I, the fruit that must not be named.

Orange Potter: More like the fruit that has no nose. (laughs)

Passiony Granger: Uh, Orange, none of us have noses.

Pear Weasley: Wait a second, then how do we smell?

Orange Potter: Terrible! (laughs)

Snapefruit: My Lord, I was just about to deliver these rapscallions to you.

Orange Potter: Hey! I'm not a scallion, I'm an orange!

Moldywarts: Silence!

(Moldywarts uses magic spells to kick Snapefruit out of the castle)

Orange Potter: Hey! That's not how you play Quidditch!

Moldywarts: And now, Orange Potter, you will meet your end.

Passiony Granger: Don't worry, Orange. We're here to help.

Pear Weasley: Yeah! You won't have to face Moldywarts alone!

Moldywarts: As a matter of fact, he will! Jell-O-Ramus!!!

(Moldywarts uses magic spells to trap Pear Weasley, and Passiony Granger inside of the jello)

Orange Potter: Yuck! I hate it, when they put fruit in jello!

Moldywarts: Now, Orange Potter, the day I've waited for, the day we finally see who is the greatest wizard fruit.

Orange Potter: Oh! Is it Kiwi?

Moldywarts: What? No!

Orange Potter: Peach?

Moldywarts: This is not a guessing game!

Orange Potter: Gordy McGordelot?

Moldywarts: THAT'S NOT EVEN A FRUIT!!!

Orange Potter: Geez, you don't have to be such an apple about it.

Moldywarts: No, I am not-Wait, did you know I was an apple?

Orange Potter: Well, you do yell a lot.

(Orange Potter dueling with Moldywarts, and Moldywarts keeps screaming)

(Moldywarts killed Orange Potter with is magicial power, and Orange Potter died)

(in heaven)

Orange Potter: Whoa. Where am I?

Grandpa Lemondore: Hello there, Orange Potter!

Orange Potter: Hey! Grandpa Lemondore, you're back!

Grandpa Lemondore: Actually, Orange, I'm still dead.

Orange Potter: Wait, If you're still dead, and we're talking, that means...(screaming)

Grandpa Lemondore: Calm down, you're not dead!

(Orange Potter stops screaming)

Grandpa Lemondore: Think of this is a brief stoppage of time, to teach you a lesson. The most important lesson, you'll ever learn in your entire life.

(A slinkey goes downstairs)

Orange Potter: Yay! Wait, what were you talking about, now?

Grandpa Lemondore: Orange Potter, you must listen to me very, very closely! Now, to defeat Lord Moldywarts, and save your friends you must simply...(sleeping)

Orange Potter: Grandpa Lemondore? Grandpa Lemondore? (sigh) Now, I'll never know how to defeat Moldywarts. Wait. What's that?

(Orange Potter reads "The Secret to Defeating Moldywarts")

Orange Potter: Ooh.

(in the castle)

Moldywarts: With Orange Potter gone, there is no one to stand in my-

(Orange Potter got out in heaven)

Orange Potter: Stand? I don't even have legs! (laughing)

Moldywarts: What?! Impossible! How did-

Orange Potter: Hey, hey Moldywarts! Hey!

Moldywarts: What? What is it?!

Orange Potter: Apple-cadabra!!

(Orange Potter turns Moldywarts into an apple)

Moldywarts: You did it? You made me young and fresh again!

Orange Potter: Yeah! Grandpa Lemondore's letter said, "The key you defeating your enemies is being nice to them!"

Moldywarts: Well, Grandpa Lemondore was a wise wizard-fruit!

Orange Potter: Yeah, it said, "If you're nice to Moldywarts, he'll never see it coming!"

Moldywarts: See what coming?

Orange Potter: Knife!

Moldywarts: Knie... (fades out)

(Dane cut Moldywarts in half, and Moldywarts disappears in a puff of smoke. Pear Weasley, and Passiony Granger are freed from the Jell-O)

Pear Weasley: Yay!

Passiony Granger: You did it, Orange!

Orange Potter: Look at me! I'm a real "whiz kid"! (laughing)

Pear Weasly & Passiony Granger: (laughs)

Orange Potter: (sigh) Now if that's over with, Who wants Jell-O?! (eating Jell-O)

Pear Weasly & Passiony Granger: (laughing)

(End credits show)

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