"Annoying Orange: Orange of July"
Episode 30
Characters: Orange, Watermelon, Grand Finale
Airdate: July 1, 2010
Episode Reference: Fourth of July
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"Annoying Orange vs. FRED!!!"
"The Orange Cup"

Annoying Orange: Orange of July is the thirtieth episode in the Annoying Orange series. A flashback to this episode is shown in the episode Happy Birthday! This episode features a watermelon and a firework, who explain the party, the Fourth of July. This is the fourth holiday special.


Orange is enjoying a nice day in the park when a giant watermelon is put on the table. Orange begins screaming but is eventually calmed down when the watermelon explains himself to be peaceful. Watermelon introduces Orange to Grand Finale who explains the Fourth of July to him, when Orange demands to see the firework parade immediately, Grand Finale tells him to wait, Orange then conjures a sparkle stick and gives it Grand Finale to hold on to per request but the stick catches Grand Finale's rope on fire as he tips down and blasts right into watermelon, a spark then falls into the box of fireworks and the fireworks rise into the sky and explode in a flurry of beautiful sparks. Orange then enjoys the day with some simple annoyance, with the splattered remains of the watermelon right next to him.

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"Annoying Orange: Orange of July"
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