(Orange is sitting on a picnic table in the park)

Orange: (Singing) Sun, sun, sun, sun, sun, sunshine! It's about time, Time for sunshine! (laughs) Sunshi-

(Dane Boedigheimer places Watermelon on the table)

Watermelon: Whoa,Hello there, little buddy.

(Orange screams)

(Watermelon screams, and both start screaming until watermeleon stops)

(Orange continues screaming)

Watermelon: Oh... whoa... Hey! Why are you screaming?

(Orange stops screaming)

Orange: 'Cause you're a monster!

Watermelon: Me?! I'm not a monster.

Orange: Yeah, ya are. You're a giant orange-eating lizard.

Watermelon: pretty sure I'm just a watermelon.

Orange: You're Godzilla!

Watermelon: Watermelon.

Orange: Oh. So you're not gonna eat me?

Watermelon: Wasn't plannin' on it.

Orange: Whatever, Godzilla. That's not what Tokyo said. (Laughs)

Watermelon: (groans) So hey, Where's the rest of the party?

Orange: Ooh, Is it my birthday?

Watermelon: No.

Orange: Ooh, I want a pony!

Watermelon: No, it's not your bir-

Orange: And a Nintendo Wii!

Watermelon: No!

Orange: And a pony that can play Wii.

Watermelon: It's not your birthday!

Orange: Oh. Well, is there cake?

Watermelon: No, there's no cake.

Orange: Well, this party sucks. I want my Wii Pony.

Watermelon: It's not that kind of party.

Orange: Well, what kind of party is it?

Grand Finale: (Offscreen) -Only the greatest party in the world. (Daneboe places him on the table. Patriotic music begins to play) Haven't you heard of the 4th of July?

Orange: July who? And why is there four of 'em?

Grand Finale: No, The 4th of July. It's when we celebrate America's freedom, and we do it by having barbecues, parades, and shootin' fireworks.

Orange: So who are you?

Grand Finale: I'm Finale. Grand Finale that is. I'm the headliner. You know, last guy on stage.

Orange: Ooh, I wanna see your show now.

Grand Finale: Later.

Orange: No, Do it now.

Grand Finale: No, It's not even dark yet.

Orange: Do it, Do it, Do it!.

Grand Finale: No! Even if I wanted to, I don't have a lighter.

Orange: (with a lighter in his mouth) Well, how 'bout this then? Will that work?

Grand Finale: Whoa, Hey! What are you doin'? Do you know how dangerous that is?

Watermelon: Whoa, Put that down Orange.

Orange: (laughing) Sparkly.

Watermelon: That's dangerous.

Grand Finale: Hey, knock it off, Squirt. Give me that thing.

Orange: Okay. (he spit the lighter to Grand Finale)

Grand Finale: Aw, crap.

Orange: Whoops.

Grand Finale: Put it out. (Blowing on the spark) I'm not ready. (Keeps trying to put out the flame) Stop it. (Wiggling & blowing)

Orange: Wow, Grand Finale really knows how to rock. (Laughs)

Grand Finale: Whoa! (Grand Finale falls down)

Orange: Wuh-oh.

Watermelon: Uh-oh.

Grand Finale: Ahh!

Watermelon: No... (Explodes when Grand Finale hits him)

(The lighter falls into a box of fireworks)

Orange: Whoa!

(All the fireworks go off)

Orange: Wow! What a bunch of hotheads! (Laughs) Ooh! Sparkly!

(The scene cuts to the sky. White words read "Happy Fourth of July!", then cuts to an orange background with Orange's Fruity Question of the Day asking "What do you want for your birthday?"

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