"Annoying Orange: Pet Peeve"
Episode 94
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Characters: Pear, Orange, Midget Apple, Bananas, Honey, Spot, Fruit Spider
Airdate: September 16, 2011
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"Souper Dooper"

Pet Peeve is the 41st episode of Season 3.


I think I need a longer tape measure.
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Orange annoys some bananas, and announces he has a new "pet" named Spot. The bananas think its a joke, but they find out Spot is a fruit fly. He lands on the feared bananas, and Spot sucks the nutrients out of the banana. Pear and Midget Apple think Orange is "totally nuts", and Orange says he's not nuts, but an orange.

Spot sucks up all the nutrients from the banana and moves on to the next banana. Orange tries to calm him down by making him roll over. When that doesn't work, Orange tells Spot to do the motorboat. Pear thinks he is encouraging Spot, and Spot flies around and starts sucking Pear. A fruit spider - said earlier in the episode - appears and eats Spot. After Orange realizes his lesson, many more fruit flies appear, and the episode ends.

Fruity Question of the Day

What is your favorite type of pet?!


Annoying Orange - Pet Peeve03:38

Annoying Orange - Pet Peeve

"Annoying Orange: Pet Peeve"
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