Orange: Banananananananananananananananananananas! Bananas! (laughs)

Banana #2: Ugh, oh, my god.

Banana #1: Ugh, oh, my god.

Orange: Bananas! Bananas!

Banana #2: What is it, now, Orange?

Orange: Hey, have you guys seen my new pet?

Banana #2: You've got a pet?

Orange: His name is Spot! I think he's lost.

Banana #1: This is in such sort joke, is it? Cause, we're not falling for it.

Orange: No, for real! I'm not monkeying around! (laughs)

Bananas: (groans)

Orange: (laughs)

(The buzz sound)

Banana #2: Hey, what's that noise?

(Spot flys right to Orange)

Orange: Yay! There he is! Hey, Spot! How's it goin'?!

Bananas: (screaming)

(title card)

(Spot flys around with Bananas)

Banana #2: Ah! Get away! OMG! Stop!

Banana #1: Crips! He's buzzing me! So waste stupid fruitfly!

Orange: (laugh) Come on, guys. He's just playing.

(Spot eats the right banana)

Banana #2: AH!! HE'S BITING ME!!

Banana #1: No, dude! This is our true!

Orange: Whoa!

Banana #1: Shoo! Shoo! Shoo!

Banana #2: SHOO! SHOO! SHOO!

Orange: (laugh) Stupid bananas. They think Spot's a shoe.

Pear: Uh, Orange, it's great that you made a new friend in all, but--

Midget Apple: Are you totally nuts?!!

Orange: (laugh) I'm not nuts, I'm an orange! And, Spot's not just a friend, he's my new best friend!


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