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"Annoying Orange: Picture Contest Winners!"
Episode 26
Picture Contest
Characters: Orange, Voice, Kiwi, Soccer Ball, Lemon, Strawberries, Tomato, Cheese, Pumpkin, Wasabi, Potato, Orange (Season 2), Bananas, Sushi, Apple, Blackberries, Celery, Apple iPhone, Cabbage, Liam the Leprechaun, Onion, Passion Fruit, Grapefruit, Football, Pineapple, Pear, one of the Onion Rings, Zombies
Airdate: June 11, 2010
Episode Guide
"Grandpa Lemon"
"Back to the Fruiture"

Picture Contest Winners! is an episode of The Annoying Orange from the second season. This special short features the winning pictures of the Annoying Orange Picture Contest.


Annoying Orange - Picture Contest Winners!02:00

Annoying Orange - Picture Contest Winners!

The Video

"Annoying Orange: Picture Contest Winners!"
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