Voice: Finally. You've asked for it. Now it's here.

Orange: What's here? Is it Bigfoot?

Voice: No!!!

Orange: Is it Sasquatch?

Voice: No! Those are the same things! What's here are the winners of the Annoying Orange Picture Contest.

Orange: Yay! Everyone's a winner!

Voice: No, not everybody's a winner.

Orange: Why not?

Voice: Because the prizes were T-shirts.

Orange: Yay! Everyone wins a T-shirt!

Voice: No! Not everyone wins a T-Shirt!

Orange: Why?

Voice: Because there were not many shirts.

Orange: You need to make more shirts.

Voice: We'll look into it.

Orange: So, let's see the winners!

Voice: You got it!

(The slideshow occurs.)

Orange: Woah! Those were awesome. I wish everybody could be a winner. Later! (burps then laughs)

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