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Orange: (laughs) (singing) Makin' a phone call, makin' a phone call, la-la-la-la-la-la-la-

Shelly: Day Spa, this is Shelly. How can I help you?

Orange: Shelly? You mean like an oyster?

Shelly: (chuckles) No.

Orange: Oh, okay.

Shelly: Can I help you?

Orange: Yeah, I'd like to get a tan!

Shelly: Okay, and have you tanned with us before?

Orange: Uh, no.

Shelly: Have you tanned before, like, at all?

Orange: Uh-uh.

Shelly: Okay, and how would you describe your skin tone?

Orange: Mmmm, orange.

Shelly: Sir?

Orange: Yeah, I'm orange!

Shelly: Your skin is orange?

Orange: Yeah, really orange.

Shelly: Okay, so you have been tanning!

Orange: No...

Shelly: Too much tanning can be really harmfu...

Orange: Nuh-nuh! I haven't been tanning!

Shelly: Okay, so why is your skin orange?

Orange: I was born like this.

Shelly: Do you have some kind of skin condition?

Orange: N-no, I've gotta couple a dents, that's about it.

Shelly: You should really...come in for a consultation.

Orange: Why?

Shelly: Because it could cause damage to your skin, like scarring, pigmentation, and peeling.

Orange: Peeling?!

Shelly: Yeah!

Orange: Well, I don't want to get peeled. I saw one of my friends get peeled once. It wasn't pretty.

Shelly: Yeah.

Orange: He was baked into a crisp.

Shelly: Uh, yeah! That's why we need to be careful.

Orange: Oh, okay.

Shelly: Sir?

Orange: Hi!

Shelly: Could you hold for a minute?

Orange: Hold what? I don't have hands. Sigh, oh well

(call held)
(1 minute later)
Orange: lalalalalalalalala, laaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa

Shelly: Thank you for holdi- uh, sir?

Orange: Oh hi!

Shelly: My supervisor thinks you should...consult a doctor.

Orange: About what?

Shelly: Your skin.

Orange: Yeah, it's orange.

Shelly: Right.

Orange: Well-

Shelly: Why do you think you need our services?

Orange: I just want to look a little more "tangerine" (laughs)

Shelly: (sigh)

Orange: You're not laughing.

Shelly: OK. I have to go.

Orange: Where are you going? Can I come? (Shelly hangs up) Hello? Hellllllllloooo? (Orange sighs as the credits play.)

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