• Passion Fruit, Midget Apple, Orange, Pear and Grandpa Lemon wear similar mustaches to the Mustachios, as a troll said.
  • The Mystery Orange Button redirects to Muddy Buddy.
  • There is a hidden message saying "I want Orange to fight DANEBOE (Fill in the blank)".
  • This episode states that Orange is colour blind, but he can't be because he thought Tomato was an apple because he was red, same with Santa Claus, and he could tell that the Green Apple was green.
  • Instead of the red lipstick, Passion Fruit wore blue lipstick.
  • This is the second time someone swears, not bleeped though, because the "F" is a "B". Passion fruit does once, Orange dies once, pear dies twice, and grapefruit dies once.

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