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(The curtain opens and the title show, "Annoying Orange presents" and the knife sliced the title and the other title says, "Random Cuts.")

(Random Cut #1)

Almond 1: Don't jump!

Peanut: You have so much to live for!

(Walnut jumps off and the crowd screams)

Peanut: Ah!

(Wings suddenly pop out of Walnut and the crowd boos)

Walnut: Haha! Suckers!

Almond 1: (groans) Stupid wingnuts!

(Random Cut #2)

Alarm Clock 1: Give me! Give me!

Alarm Clock 2: Grandpa, he hit me with his big hand.

Grandfather Clock: That's it! You're both getting a time out!

(Random Cut #3)

Miranda: John, I don't want you to get angry, But, I met someone new.

John: I suspected as much for months, Miranda. Tell me, What type of bagel is he?

Miranda: He's not a bagel John, He's... He's a donut.

John: It's just sprinkles baby, He doesn't love you!

Miranda: Oh John...

John: It's just sprinkles!

(Random Cut #4)

Singer: Teenage mutant ninja turnips! Teenage mutant ninja turnips! Teenage mutant ninja turnips! High in vitamins A & K. Rutabega!

Pumpkin: Yeah, The network's gonna have to cancel your show.

Turnips: Aw, man!

Donatello the Turnip: Cowabunga!

Leonardo the Turnip: No! Not cowabunga Donatello!

(Random Cut #5)

​​​​​Carrot: So uh, What's the deal here? Is this thing like buffet style, Or should we wait to be served, or, or what?

Cooked Turkey: (sighs) Can you not read? Alacarta!

(Cooked Turkey kicks Carrot down to the bottomless pit and Carrot screams)

(Random Cut #6)

Potato 1: Potato!

Potato 2: Po tah to!

Potato 1: Potato!

Potato 2: Po tah to!

Potato 3: Potateh!

Potato 1: Shut up Jeff!

Potato 3: Haaaa.......

(Random Cut #7)

Orange Bell Pepper: We're being downed! This food fight isn't gonna end anytime soon soldiers!

Brussel Sprout: Oh have you like thought about, Giving peas a chance?

Orange Bell Pepper: Huh, Can't say that i did. Peas! Get out there and fight!

(The peas then come out of the bunker and start charging, but before they can fight, they died after a bomb exploded them)

Orange Bell Pepper: Way to go, Hippie!