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"Annoying Orange: Rolling in the Dough"
Episode 73
Characters: Orange, Bread, Butter, Toaster (as an inanimate object), Flour
Airdate: April 15, 2011
Episode Reference: Rolling in the Deep
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"Kitchen Carnage"
"Nyan Nya Orange"

Rolling in the Dough is the seventy-third episode in the Annoying Orange series.


The episode starts with Orange speaking into a fan, saying "Luke, Luke, I am an orange!" (A reference to Darth Vader's phrase he says whenever he encounters Luke Skywalker in the Star Wars films). A lump of dough is then put on a rolling tray by Dane Boedigheimer. Orange immediately mistakes the sqidgy lump of dough for Jabba the Hut, and the dough lump says he thinks Orange is mistaken. Orange then starts to irritate the dough, referring to him as "Doughboy". The dough is then flattened with a rolling pin, and gets put in the bread tin. One hour later, Orange asks Dough if he's tried wiggling to get out of the bread tin, and then suggests that he gets greased in butter, to which he says in a frustrated manner that he is already greased in butter. The oven is then opened and Dough gets picked up and is put in the oven. Another hour later, Dough is out of the oven as a fresh loaf of bread. Dough (now known as Bread or Loaf), pleased with his new look, jokes around with Orange, however Bread is knifed with a bread knife shortly after, and is put in the toaster. 5 minutes later, Bread pops out of the toaster as a toasted heel, and is put on a plate ready to be eaten. Orange jokes about Heel, saying "Wow! I think you're toast!" Heel asks if it's hot in the room, and Orange says that maybe he should ask Butter, who is suddenly knifed with a butter knife and is spread on Heel, and Orange jokes again, and Heel angrily tells him to shut up, before being knifed again and taken away to be eaten. 

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"Annoying Orange: Rolling in the Dough"
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