"Annoying Orange: Sneezing Marshmallow"
Episode 51
Characters: Orange, Marshmallow
Airdate: November 24, 2010
Episode Reference: Sneezing Baby Panda
Episode Guide
"Kitchen Intruder"
"Annoying Orange meets Charlie the Unicorn"

Annoying Orange: Sneezing Marshmallow is the 51st episode in the Annoying Orange series, and the third of five Thanksgiving Viral Vote Video episodes. It is a spoof on a famous YouTube viral video called Sneezing Baby Panda.


Orange and Marshmallow are in the zoo; shortly after, Marshmallow proceeds to sneeze beautiful glitter, Orange then exclaims "Gesundheit!" and the short ends.

Fruity Question of the Day

What's cuter: a sneezing panda or sneezing Marshmallow?

A sneezing Marshmallow

A sneezing Marshmallow and Orange


Watch the Original Sneezing Baby Panda

Created by Daneboe

Written by Spencer Grove


Sneezing Marshmallow (Sneezing Baby Panda Spoof)00:27

Sneezing Marshmallow (Sneezing Baby Panda Spoof)

"Annoying Orange: Sneezing Marshmallow"
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