(Mario appears in Bowser's dungeon as the title card: Annoying Super Mario plays)

Mario: Oh! I've got to save-a the princess! Hey! Where's-a the Bowser? He's-a usually in here.

(He hears Orange laughing)

Mario: What-a was that? Sounded like it came from over here. Princess? Toad? (He runs to another part of the dungeon where he encounters Orange)

Orange: I'm not a toad! I'm an Orange. (Laughs)

Mario: Whoa... what did you do with the princess and Toad?

Orange: Toad? Is that like a frog?

Mario: No, he's more like, you know, a mushroom.

Orange: I know him. He's a fungi! (Laughs)

Mario: All right, enough-a with the funny stuff. Are you ready to a-fight?

Orange: Not really. I'm kinda hungry.

Mario: Well, then try-a one o' my spicy-a meatballs. (He throws a fireball at Orange)

Orange: (Laughs) Meatballs? More like you're throwing boogers! Stop throwing boogers, Mr. Pick-and-Flick!

Mario: Is not a booger, and I'm not-a Mr. Pick-and-Flick. I'm-a Super Mario.

Orange: Spaghetti-Os? I love Spaghetti-Os! (Laughs)

Mario: No-no-no-no-no! It's-a Super Mario! Not Spaghetti-O.

Orange: Uh-oh!

Mario: What do you mean, "Uh-oh"?

Orange: Uh-oh Spaghetti-Os! (laughs)

Mario: (groans frustratingly) Fireball!

(He throws another fireball)

Orange: Hey Spaghetti-Os, use a Kleenex already! Geez.

Mario: Why you no-good two-bit orange!

Orange: Two-bit? I'm at least eight-bits! (Laughs)

Mario: Don't make me take-a my gloves off. I can get-a real mean when I want to. Just-a you ask-a my brother, Luigi.

Orange: Did you say Linguini? Your whole family's made of pasta! You have a sister named Ravioli? (Laughs)

Mario: (groans loudly) You tell-a me where the Princess is or else!

Orange: Or else what? Shell?

Mario: Shell? What are you talking about, you crazy orange?

Orange: Turtle shell! (He burps and a green Koopa shell comes out of his mouth, rolls on the ground, hits Mario, and shrinks him)

Mario: Oh!

Orange: Whoa! Spaghetti-Os is bite-sized! (laughs)

Mario: Oh, great! You a-shrunk me! You're like a big-a orange Rick-a Moranis.

Orange: Oh. Don't worry, bite-sized Spaghetti-Os. It could be worse!

Mario: Could be worse? Now I'll never find the Princess! How could it possibly be worse?

Orange: I don't know. Bullet.

Mario: What?

Orange: Bullet!

(A Bullet Bill comes, hits Mario, and knocks him out. The last few bars of the "Mario" theme song play)

Orange: (Laughs) Ohh... Super Mario? More like Stupid Mario, right guys? (The camera zooms out, revealing Princess Peach and Toad next to Orange)

(Peach and Toad sigh)

Orange: I defeated Bowser and saved you guys hours ago!

Peach: Yeah, if by "defeated" Bowser, you mean you annoyed the living crap out of him until he just got angry and left.

Orange: Whatever, Princess Apple.

Peach: That's Peach. Thank you very much.

Orange: You're an apple! (Laughs)

Peach: (sighs frustratingly)

Bowser: Hey! You guys are still here? I told you already, get out of my dungeon, you freeloaders!

(The scene cuts to an orange background with Orange's Fruity Question of the Day asking "If you could put me in another video game, what would you put me in, and why?" The theme music plays)

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