• This is the first episode to take place in a video game before Pacmania.
  • Mario is in World 8-4, the final level in Super Mario Bros., but the sprites are in the wrong game. Mario's sprite is from Super Mario World, Peach and Toad sprites are from Super Mario Bros. 2 that were from Super Mario All-Stars, and Bowser's Sprites are from Super Mario Bros..
  • This is the first episode to feature video game characters. Pacmania would be next.
  • Mario threw fire balls in his regular form but in the games when Mario is Fire Mario he can shoot fire balls.
  • Orange saying Mario shoots boogers when he throws fireballs is referring to that his arm is near his nose when he shoots.
  • The Mystery Orange Button from Flower Power! and In the Dark takes the viewer to this episode.
  • Orange sounds different.
  • Amazingly, A Enemy from Donkey Kong Country named Bitesize, That maybe is a coincidence.

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